Iowa City Weekender: May 2-5


The must-see show this weekend, both Fielded and Gel Set are redefining solo electronic/dance music of this century with their haunting vocals and unique songwriting. Both have visited Iowa City before separately, and in a stroke of genius they are finally touring side-by-side. […]

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Show Photos: KRUI Pre-Mission Creek Party

Happy Mission Creek Week, everybody! For the third year in a row, I’m going to be running crazy from venue to venue all week, bringing the sights of each night to you. So let’s kick off the photo extravaganza with the KRUI Pre-Mission Creek Party at the Mill. This is a short slideshow, but there’s […]

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Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Ducktails


Ducktails will be in town Friday, April 1 at the Mill for the Pre-Mission Creek Festival Party, presented by KRUI. Initially created as a solo outlet by Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile, Ducktails has evolved into a collaborative project spanning three albums. […]

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Album Review:Gem Jones – Exhaust

Gem Jones Exhaust (Night-People Records) The latest EP from Gem Jones, Exhaust, is a brief study in juxtaposition. At only 19 minutes, Jones milks Exhaust for every second; vacillating wildly between light-hearted pop romps and intense aural assaults. Yet Jones finds a nice balance, keeping the effervescent material exciting with kamikaze guitar attacks or […]

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On the Beat: Summer listening guide

Summer in the Clubs! Live Music Venue GUIDE Iowa City is what is known in the biz as a ‘small market.’ Acts on national tours book shows in Iowa City based on it’s geographical position within a half-day’s drive of Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City—it’s a great place to shoehorn a show in […]

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