Iowa City Weekender: June 27-29

Hoffman is back

WOWZA WHAT A HUGE WEEKEND! It’s like it’s the 4th of July or somethin’! But it’s not! Yet! This Weekender will focus on two major events happening in Iowa City proper and a little bit outside: Seldom Seen Festival and #Daddyhoffsblockparty. There are some other things to check out obviously, but I want to start […]

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Iowa City Weekender: June 13-16

Pressed And

And it’s the weekend again! It’s humid. I’m really sweaty, all the time. Like, you won’t even want to hug me even though I know you can’t help yourself. Save the kisses though, my mouth/moustache is full of gnats. Some cool stuff happening this weekend, check it out! […]

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Iowa City Weekender: May 23-26


School’s over, and what that mainly means to me is less country rap on my block and more parking for my gigantic vehicle. What it might mean to you is that you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands and nothing to do. Well, here it is: some stuff to do this Memorial Day […]

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Iowa City Weekender: May 9-11

Lipstick Homicide

There is some really awesome stuff happening this weekend in Iowa City! First, I won’t be writing about Aziz Ansari at the IMU this Friday, because it is sold out and I am jealous. However, here are the haps that you must check out: Thursday, May 9 CJ Boyd w. Haunter, Phil Ochs, Dwelling Fruit […]

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Iowa City Weekender: May 2-5


The must-see show this weekend, both Fielded and Gel Set are redefining solo electronic/dance music of this century with their haunting vocals and unique songwriting. Both have visited Iowa City before separately, and in a stroke of genius they are finally touring side-by-side. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: April 25-28


Greetings! Welcome to the new Iowa City Weekender, presented by yours truly, Joshua Hoffman. I’ll be giving you my suggestions for must-see events in Iowa City every weekend, so let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve been an active musician in Iowa City… […]

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