Album Review: Hairless Monk — ‘Monolith’

Carved by the Sea, B-Sides from the Depths by Hairless Monk Even before the great quarantine of 2020 started, Jacob Willenborg, under the guise of Hairless Monk, was being highly productive. Since 2015 he has performed, recorded, mixed and mastered five EPs all while maintaining a full-time job and drumming for Cedar Rapids punk band […]

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Album Review: ZUUL — ‘ZUUL II’

Go to any ZUUL show, stand in the back then watch as the screaming aggression, pulsing rhythm section and melodic shift into doomed riffs enrapture the audience. It’s hard not to be swayed by their end-of-the-world, cathartic, danceable anthems. Capturing a sound like that in the studio is difficult. Capturing that feeling while […]

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Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo to trip through Iowa City

Beginning as a busking collective on the streets of Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo has spent the six years of their existence gathering an ever-increasing number of fans. Their live shows on the festival circuits are constantly raved about, and their four albums and two EPs are drooled over by music lovers around the world. Kikagaku Moyo will be playing at The Mill on Friday, Feb. 22. Tickets are $12. […]

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