Is this the year? 2014 Hawkeye football predictions

The Iowa Hawkeyes’ football team recovered from a disappointing 2012 campaign with eight wins in 2013 and a trip to a January bowl game. The 2014 Hawkeyes have the experience and talent to not only win more than eight games, but to also compete for the Big Ten title. Strength of schedule: Iowa has a […]

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Townie Hawk: Put a little cheer in your beer!

We all know there’s no better place to watch the Hawkeyes take the field than Kinnick Sweet Kinnick, but for those who aren’t season ticket holders or rich people, we offer a list of our favorite spots to catch the Hawks.   The Deadwood  6 S. Dubuque Street Every Saturday, a delectable fragrance wafts out […]

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Townie Hawk: Bears Beat

After a season that began with high hopes and ended with stories of high players, people are looking elsewhere for their football fix as we enter the time of year where games have real meaning. Sure, the Hawks were invited to the Insight Bowl (motto: “Arizona is warmer than wherever the hell you’re from this […]

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Townie Hawk: Stay Positive

Everything about the Arizona game felt off. Thanks to an Auburn/Clemson (who cares?) overtime, most Hawk fans watching in Iowa City missed the key first possession, and the resulting blocked punt that led to Arizona’s first touchdown. How could the boys in black & gold be expected to perform without the emotional push provided by the rallying cries from the home?


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Iowa City Weekender – September 24-27

This week’s Weekender is brought to you by Riverside Theatre So, we’re one month into the fall semester, and everyone should have their bearings by now.  If you are still paying cover at bars that offer neither a dj nor a band: Fail.  If you are starting tailgating at 6 am and surviving all the […]

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