Iowa City Weekender: Labor Day Weekend

So, we are coming up to the first weekend of bliss for everyone. The college football season starts again, and the fervor will be ripping through the streets once again. For those who are not inclined to care about athletics, the football season does provide a time to do any of the tasks that you need to get done as the town becomes a ghost town of sorts. Either way, everyone will be satisfied with their day.

As the title of this Weekender suggests, there is the bonus of Labor Day, a holiday that is about celebrating labor in the only way they could ever want to be celebrated: by grilling meats, drinking carbonated beverages of various persuasions, and relaxing. In that spirit, I’m going to not work too hard with this column and try to give you something to do for the full five days. That’s plain unnecessary. I’m going to stop at my regular point of Saturday and leave Sunday and Monday to your own creation. Labor Day is a nice day to say that you are on a boat. I’m just saying. Let’s get this started.


Battle of the Bands IV // Iowa City Yacht Club // 8:00 PM // $5, 19+

If you’re reading this column, there’s a very good chance you know about the variety of bands that exist in Iowa City. Regardless of what genre you like, there is someone who is playing it in this city. Battle of the Bands are always fun affairs and great places to see what bands are around (and which ones are actually good). The Yacht Club will be the proving ground. See what’s happening in this town and make your voice heard.


Euforquestra // Iowa City Yacht Club // 9:00 PM // $10, 19+

Blending sounds from all over the globe, local product Euforquestra return from their Fort Collins, CO home to rock the Yacht Club again. Playing with OSG (who got an excellent turnout at their Friday Night show last week with Bermuda Report), this promises to be a solid show. If you want to get in an extra set, Euforquestra will be playing the Ped Mall for Friday Night Concerts as well.

No Freak Dancing // Gabe’s // 9:00 PM // $10, 19+

For some of my readers, you’ll be wondering why I’m writing about another club music night. There are two reasons actually. The first is that this one is a house night, and house nights will always be better than dubstep nights. That’s preferential though. The second reason is obvious: Terrence Parker is the headliner. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, I recommend you hop on youtube and start clicking. Parker is a legend of Detroit Techno and one of the best DJ’s spinning right now. Using a modified Bell telephone handset for a headphone, Parker shows true flair on the decks, merging the beat matching skills of the finest house DJs with the scratching flair of hip-hop DJs. More important than this technical crap is that he get the dance floor going. He’s an International DJ Extraordinaire for a reason. Before him will be music on two floors. Should be a solid night of No Freak Dancing.


Barnstormer 5 // Codfish Hollow Farm, Maquoketa, IA // 5:30 PM // $20 Adv, $25 Day of Show; All Ages

Over in the Quad Cities, there is a group of lads that call themselves Daytrotter. When they aren’t cranking out sessions with your favorite bands, they are putting on massive concerts in barns. This year, the “Barnstormer” series ventures outside of the Midwest, taking the shows to the East Coast. But, there will still be a show at a familiar location: Codfish Hollow Farm in Maquoketa. LV Music Contributor Tim Gavin has written an excellent preview of the show, which I encourage you to read to find out why this event is truly a special one. More information and ticket purchasing can be found at the Daytrotter website.

I’m keeping up my promise by ending here. You need to keep up your promise and remember to do what the laborers would do on their labor day weekend: relax and celebrate the fruits of your labor. Oh, and to retire all of your white formal and beach wear for the year. Have a good weekend!


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