Show Preview: Night-People Showcase @ The Mill // 10.18.2011

KRUI Low Frequency Series: Night-People Showcase // 9:00 PM // Free, 19+

Tonight at The Mill, KRUI is putting on another installment of its Low Frequency Series. This time, it is a free showcase for the local tape label Night-People. Aside from being able to check out the new releases on cassette and vinyl, two of the label’s primary bands will be playing: Wet Hair and Peaking Lights.

Featuring label head Shawn Reed, Wet Hair is a band that has been constantly evolving since their beginnings a few years ago. Merging the space between psychedelic pop, krautrock and experimental sounds, the music that Wet Hair makes is not as confrontational as that description makes it sound. They keep all of these different elements in check, making music that veers more towards pop than pure abstraction. Their most recent album In Vogue Spirit is a measured, focused album that opens up different levels of the mind while keeping a beautiful groove throughout. I have seen them a number of times and they always put on a quality show. Given that they are sitting in our backyard, it’s definitely worth your time to come out, support them, and see more of the music that Iowa City has to offer.

While not from Iowa City, Peaking Lights are frequent visitors to Iowa City. The Madison-based band has been making big strides recently as they are recent Mexican Summer (read: Best Coast & Tamaryn) and Domino signees. Their 2011 album 936 is one of the better releases to come out this year. Set upon a steady reggae/drum machine rhythm, Aaron Coyne and Indra Dunis’s 936 is a beautiful album that is fully absorbing. Between the electronic instrumentation and the lyrics of Dunis, 936 creates a dreamscape of love, which is an excellent place to be. I’ve seen this band a few less times than Wet Hair, but Peaking Lights is a band that I have on my permanent “see this band” list (this is a VERY short list) as they always have excellent live shows. Every time I’ve seen them, I’ve felt myself drift away on their soundscapes. It’s a unique feeling, and one that is hard to describe. I’ve posted this video of “Tiger Eyes” that can maybe explain what I mean.

This is a show that should have a door price (and has in the past), but tonight, you can see these two bands for free. Nothing. If you at all are curious about any of the words that I written about these two bands, make your way to The Mill and check out this show. It will be worth your while.

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