On The Beat: Old school’s back in session

Mac DeMarco

By the time that you are reading this column, the annual Mission Creek Festival will be less than a month away, a sign that spring is beginning to rear its head and musicians are getting back on the road. This is a benefit to everyone and means that many artists with a wide variety of backgrounds and approaches to music will be making visits over the coming weeks.

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Iowa City Weekender: November 23-24

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Weekender. I’ve decided to cut out Thursday this week because it’s Thanksgiving and well, nothing is really happening. For those of us who are staying in town, it’s going to be pretty quiet around these parts for the next few days. That said, there are still a […]

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Landfall Festival of World Music – September 19-22

The words “World Music,” when used as an all-encapsulating genre of music can often be tricky and misleading. How can so many unique sounds from all over the globe be compartmentalized into one simplified phrase? It doesn’t make sense, and that’s where the “World Music” festival comes in—the showcase of many of these sounds in […]

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On the Beat: Searching for the summer jam

Although it is my least favorite season for any variety of reasons such as boredom, I do look forward to the summer. It’s the traveling season as well as a time to enjoy all the city has to offer. Unfortunately, this summer brought no relaxation at all. Instead, this season has bred a seeming insanity […]

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Iowa City Weekender: 5/20-23

Simon Joyner w Miracles of God and Brooks Strause | $10 | 8 pm
Simon Joyner is calling this his “Living Rooms and Discrete Spaces” tour and I think they are trying to keep it low-profile, but this show is too cool to not get any sort of mention at all, […] […]

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Mission Creek 2010 Preview: Dustin Busch

Local guitarist and luthier Dustin Busch will open for Booker T. this Wednesday night at the Englert as part of the 2010 Mission Creek festival. Busch plays regularly – solo and with Illinois John Fever – and you’ll catch him breaking it down informally all around town, semi-regularly on the patio at the Red Avocado, […]

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