Effortless romance: A one-pot Valentine’s Day meal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your Valentine’s Day dinner should be easy and indulgent. This one-pot recipe is both. Port wine and hint of cardamom and cinnamon makes this simple braise feel luxurious. It will take about 3 hours to cook, but you can (and should) do it a day or two in advance. The dish gets even better as […]

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UR here: A traditional spice takes center stage

Cooking with Dean

As autumn segues to winter, my seasonal spice shifts, too. Since September, it’s been all about nutmeg for me, the one essential ingredient to my apple crisp (aside from Wilson’s Orchard apples, of course). But as Thanksgiving passes to Yuletide, nutmeg yields to cardamon. Oh sure, I’ll still sprinkle a little nutmeg on the old […]

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Crazy Ates

I ate peppers, I ate celery, I ate arugula… I made this dish one night after a day of ranting to myself that A) how the hell am I supposed to get the recommended 9 servings a day of fruits and vegetables and B) what can I do to make celery actually taste *good*? My […]

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Inked Up

It’s always a pleasure to revel in your children’s success. Such is the joy here at Little Village that two of our regular writers have penned well-received books in the last two months. But, of course, while the feeling of pride is apt, to call them our children would be a gross disservice. They’ve been […]

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Food Without the Wrapper

Too many people in this country, I have learned, have been sold a bill of goods. They’ve been tricked. Flim-flammed. Conned. Hussled. Bamboozled into believing that food comes wrapped in plastic from a freezer in the nearest Wal-Mart and that cooking is a chore, like laundry or washing windows, to be avoided if at all […]

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