Your Village: Where did The Chauncey get its name?

Have a question about what’s going on in your community? Ask Little Village. Submit your questions through the Your Village feature on our homepage, or email us at What kind of name is Chauncey for a building? —Anonymous, via the Your Village feature on LV’s homepage. In most cities, The Chauncey would be a […]

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FilmScene organizers are ‘kids in the candy store’ ahead of The Chauncey’s debut

On Sept. 20-22, Iowa City residents will have the opportunity to attend the grand opening weekend of FilmScene’s new location in the recently raised Chauncey building. The Chauncey is FilmScene’s second space, located off of Gilbert Street in downtown Iowa City; FilmScene will keep their original Ped Mall cinema open as well. The Chauncey

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What will the “Core Four” councilors mean for Iowa City’s pending development projects?

Chauncey Tower

Last November, prior to the election of a slate of candidates who called themselves the “Core Four,” then-Mayor Matt Hayek penned an open letter predicting the consequences of such a win. It would, he wrote, see a “return to the anti-growth, micromanaging City Hall of eras past.” But at the top of 2016, to many […]

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