Iowa City Readings and Events: July 23-26

Kind salutations to the readers, writers, critics and the simply-just-interested-in-books of Iowa City. Being in the wake of the Iowa City Book Festival we may assume that our weekly ration of literary readings and seminars has been exhausted, but – to our great pleasure – that is not the case. I’ll highlight a handful of […]

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The Art of Phil Hester

One day Rory Regan arrived at his father’s pawnshop to find his dad and three of his dad’s friends tortured and on the brink of death. Regan rushed to their aide, but was electrocuted and knocked out by a wire used to torture the men. When he came to, his father and the friends were […]

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Iowa City Readings: June 19 – 22

Hello Iowa City readers, writers and bibliophiles – this sweltering week in the middle of June is the perfect week for you. A fantastic selection of readings are coming your way in the next few days, and whether you’re a veteran of Iowa City’s long tradition of literary readings, or you’ve been timidly waiting on […]

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