Pete Buttigieg drops out of the 2020 race, one day after being certified as the Iowa Caucus winner

After almost a month of problems and delays, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) finally certified the results of the Iowa Caucus on Saturday, declaring Pete Buttigieg the winner and awarding him an extra delegate for winning the most state delegate equivalents (SDEs). On Sunday, Buttigieg dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. Speaking to supporters […]

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Grassley team responds to poll dip

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s slipping ratings were dismissed this week by a spokesperson from his office, Beth Levine, who said the numbers were “[s]elective leaks from a partisan group with a partisan agenda… The White House and its paid political activists are trying to manufacture interest where it’s clearly not a defining issue.” The poll was […]

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Obama and Writers’ Workshop prof Marilynne Robinson talk books, democracy and Christianity

The New York Review of Books today released its first installment of a two-part conversation between President Obama and his favorite author, Marilynne Robinson, professor at the Iowa Writers Workshop. In the talk, Robinson tells the president, “I think that the basis of democracy is the willingness to assume well about other people.” Obama said […]

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Watch: Bernie Sanders names Obama’s biggest mistake

In a recent interview with Little Village, Bernie Sanders expressed his admiration and fondness for President Barack Obama, but highlighted their “major political disagreement,” which he says came after Obama “ran his brilliant campaign in 2008.” “Young people all across the political spectrum, [he] brought ‘em together!” he says of the sitting president, but after […]

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Wonkette: Time traveling Obama — A brief review

Obama unstuck in tiiiiiiiime!

Listen: Barack Obama has come unstuck in time. The evidence has been building for quite a while, since at least 2009, when he was being blamed for the TARP bank bailout program passed under George W. Bush. As his term progressed, it became clear that Obama was also responsible for the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007-08 and the resulting Great Recession… […]

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2013: The Year Jan Brewer Got Back On Her Meds

There are some Republicans who are dicks, sure, but who are not insane people. (This is why you will be saying hello to President Chris Christie three years and change from now. Yes yes, we know, now go and have yourselves your morning gin.) Until this year, Arizona Governatrix Jan Brewer had not been one of […]

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