Wonkette: Supreme Emperor Barack Obama demands advance copies of ‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘True Detective’

Evil Joffrey
Game of Thrones’ new season debuts on April 6, and some can’t wait.

WonketteOh, those high-living Obamas are up to their early-viewing tyranny again. In 2012 Michelle stoled all the Downton Abbeys, and now Barack Obama has muscled the CEO of HBO into giving him advance copies of the new season of Game of Thrones and the last three episodes of True Detective. Oh it is so very outrageous. So very, very outrageous. And, uh, arrogant, too, we guess.

Frankly, we’re not even sure the Usual Wingnuts are even bothering to get upset over this. See, for instance, Taylor Bigler at Tucker Carlson’s House O’ Spleen, who seems to be parodying rightwing outrage more than actually trying to stir it up:

Who exactly does President Barack HUSSEIN Obama think he is, anyway? The King of England?

Obama tried to leverage his position as Commander in Chief to curry favor from HBO honcho Richard Plepler at the recent state dinner for the French president …

If Obama did receive the episodes early — and he may have — he would have spent 16 hours in front of the television instead of focusing on governing our great nation.

Yeah, that’s just trolling, isn’t it? She managed to get a “playing golf all day” in there, too. Beats us, but that all-caps HUSSEIN strikes us as the tip-off that we’re reading a parody here. (But Poe’s Law applies, as ever.) Well-played, Ms. Bigler!

Ms. Bigler, previously Wonkfamous for her epic post about Obama’s dick-looking-like signature, needn’t have bothered with parody, of course, since all the DC’s commenters needed was a photo of Obama to set them to barking — without any hint of irony. We would love to spend an afternoon spying on the Daily Caller’s equivalent of the Wonkette Sekrit Chatcave, just to see what their writers say about their commenters. We already have some idea, of course.

It’s almost as if the wingnuttosphere had expended so much faux outrage on the supposed excess of the State Dinner for that Frenchie president that they just couldn’t manage to find any poutrage reserves for the shocking arrogance of the POTUS asking for an early peek at some teevee shows.

Then again, maybe the image of the President spending the holiday weekend binge-viewing was just speculation anyway. The Stupidest Man on the Internet ran this true-to-form headline Monday: “On President’s Day While America Suffers – Obama Golfs in California While Michelle O Skis Aspen.” And Fox News helpfully turned Obama into a huge environmental hypocrite,because as anyone knows, Palm Springs is for the Koch Brothers, not the Kenyan Usurper: “President’s Day: Obama Plays Water-Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought.” That’s more like it — that man playing golf is far better anger fodder than just the idea of him watching television.

[Defamer / Daily Caller]

By Doktor Zoom

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