Letter to Obama: Stop the Bakken Pipeline

Bakken Pipeline, Zak Neumann

In a letter to President Barack Obama yesterday, five U.S. senators, including Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, urged the president to temporarily halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline to allow for a complete environmental and cultural review. In addition to Sanders, the letter was signed by Democratic senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Dianne Feinstein of […]

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Photos: Nebi Bemetesiani (Water is Life) Rally

Rain didn’t stop nearly 70 people from making their way to the University of Iowa Pentacrest to attend a protest organized by the Native American Student Association. The irony of the pouring rain falling on the Nebi Bemetesiani (Water is Life) banner was not lost of those in attendance. Huddled on the steps of the […]

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Snake in the Grass: Your guide to understanding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Nebi Bemetesiani (Water is Life) Rally Pentacrest — Thursday, Sept. 22 at 5:30 p.m. By Eleanore Taft and Zak Neumann [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With protests and actions in North Dakota and in the Iowa counties of Boone and Lee, advocates of First Nations, environmental activists and libertarian opponents of eminent domain have made their voices heard, and have […]

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Photos: Pipeline protest results in almost 40 arrests

Zak Neumann, Dakota Access Pipeline, Bakken Pipeline

Cars and signs lined Mississippi River Road in Sandusky, Iowa, on Saturday. Nearly 150 people gathered to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is slated to run underneath the Mississippi river into Illinois. Protesters gathered at the entrance to the pipeline worksite and eventually moved on to the property, passing pipeline security […]

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Delays loom ahead for Iowa Bakken pipeline

The Iowa segment of the Dakota Access pipeline could be delayed after the recent discovery of a possible archaeological site in northwest Iowa. If confirmed, further delays to the controversial project would come from relocation and rerouting of that part of the pipeline. Construction has already begun on the 1,150-mile pipeline through Illinois, North Dakota […]

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