Best of the CRANDIC Spotlight: Andre Perry takes a graceful bow

Best of the CRANDIC winner: Best Nonprofit Director (The Englert Theatre) When Best Nonprofit Director Andre Perry announced his departure from the Englert Theatre this August, the general consensus in the community was that, although his shoes would be hard […]

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Mission Creek Festival organizers on the cancellation — and future — of their 2020 fest

On Thursday, March 12, just three days before Little Village issue 281 was due to go to print, Iowa City’s Mission Creek Festival made the announcement that it wouldn’t be holding its much-anticipated April 1-4 fest. It was six days […]

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Book Review: ‘Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now’ by Andre Perry

The memoiristic essays in Andre Perry’s Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now (2019, Two Dollar Radio) reconstruct — from journal entries, memory and fictionalized correspondence and dialogue — Perry’s youthful encounters with American music, women, culture and racism-loaded language. Most accounts are positioned in three geographic […]

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