Maddie Poppe will perform in Hiawatha next month

Maddie Poppe will be performing in Hiawatha, on Aug. 14, it was announced on Wednesday. The Season 16 American Idol winner will be playing at Stillwater Coffee Company (1275 N Center Point Rd), according to a news release for the event. Cedar Rapids-based artist Alisabeth Von Presley will open for Poppe. “Ticket prices are $35, […]

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Alisabeth Von Presley will bring her ‘pink-painted world’ to Iowa City Pride Fest

When Alisabeth Von Presley was a little girl, she believed she was the reincarnation of Elvis. She’d perform in front of a mirror, singing into her dad’s hairbrush. The 30-year-old entertainer now embodies the King of Rock and Roll in other ways, from her name — changed from Caraway to Von Presley — to the Elvis portrait tattooed on her left forearm. She’s taken up guitar, and often performs in glam, eye-catching outfits that harken back to Elvis’ sequined jumpsuits. […]

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Alisabeth Von Presley plays Uptown Friday Nights, drops new album this week

Alisabeth Von Presley is arguably the living embodiment of “go big or go home.” And as her musical career continues to pick up steam, she has no intention of sitting around at home. This Friday, July 7, is a big day for Von Presley as she performs at Uptown Friday Nights at the McGrath Amphitheater and releases her new record, ‘Diamonds in the Blackout.’ Uptown Friday Nights shows are 21+; admission is $5. […]

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