Album Review: Alex Body – Aquarian Nightmare

Alex Body: Aquarian Nightmare

Alex Body — of Twelve Canons, Miracles of God, Giant Question Mark, Shitty Wizard — has released three solo albums, of which Aquarian Nightmare is the most recent. Since 2011′s Cutting Down Camelot, Body has waded further into the electronic end of the psych-pop swamp. This album’s sound is a thick mixture of drum machines and analog synths, and he is more confident of his voice, cutting back a bit on the slapback echo and reverb […]

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Album Reviews: Giant Question Mark – The Qualbum

Giant Questionmark

Giant Question Mark is a project by Alex Body and Joe Heuerman that grew out of a mutual affection for synths and drum machines. Since last December, they’ve existed as a live performance duo, though they occasionally uploaded raw, improvised tracks to Bandcamp as examples of their work. I found these pieces really entertaining and wanted to review them, but for the […]

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Mission Creek show report: April 1-2

Having a Mission Creek pass is like having a two pound box of chocolates. You can get sated early, but you keep eating because it’s just so good! My number one tip for Mission Creeksters is to pace yourself, and don’t try to see everything. Take your time and soak it all in.

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Spend the weekend with Seldom Seen

Seldom Seen Festival

Seldom Seen festival | June 28-29 | Monmouth, Iowa Seldom Seen returns to Mineral Crossing this weekend, and festival organizers have put together their biggest offering to date — by quite a margin, in fact. Since 2011, the quiet 625-acre farm in Monmouth, Iowa has brought people together to camp out and celebrate artistic endeavors […]

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Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Exitmusic

NYC-based duo Exitmusic will play Gabe’s on Saturday, April 6. The group’s songs of lost romance and haunting loneliness hit upon common themes, but singer Aleksa Palladino’s wavering vocals build tension and longing in a way that feels neither forced nor melodramatic. Together, the two musicians (Aleska Palladino and Devon Church) feature a strong theatrical style full of restrained guitar and subtle keyboard lines. […]

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Album Review: Alex Body – No Event

No Event

The title of Alex Body’s sixth release, No Event, is actually an apt description of my first impression of the album. After a string of increasingly better releases, No Event showcases a more confident artist, one willing to re-explore many of the sounds and textures that have comprised previous efforts. But the album is definitely a grower. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: January 10-12

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Weekender. We have another week or so before the college folks flood back into town, so this week’s theme focuses on some of the more “townie” gatherings in town. Own it, long-term Iowa Citians. Let’s get started. THURSDAY Super Soul Session // Gabe’s // 10:00 PM // […]

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Iowa City Weekender: September 20-23

Iowa City has plenty to offer this weekend, but we’ll get to that in a minute. As it turns out, some of our neighbors have pretty exciting things happening too. This is why I deem it necessary to implement an urgent… FESTIVAL WATCH! Maximum Ames Festival // Ames, IA // September 20-23 // $100 All […]

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Iowa City Weekender: April 19-21

Welcome to another edition of the Weekender. Right off the bat I should mention that it’s VEISHIA week in Ames Iowa. VEISHIA takes place over six days and is a celebration of music, art, culture and education. I’ve never had a chance to experience the festival myself, but from what I’ve heard it’s a total […]

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