Ped Mall Lessons in Hip Hop-ology (VIDEO)

Storming the Pedestrian Mall on Saturday–with drum machine in tow–were some of Iowa City’s most promising young hip hop artists. By the end of the night, Ion, Staples (]]]]]]), Dadacom, MC Romulan and Earthquake Baby gave us all ample reason to throw our hands in the air. The show, presented by Tremble Pit Records, marked […]

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Drunken Nanny State

Once again, the busybodies have stormed the Barricades of Fun, and managed to pass a 21-only ordinance for bars. While I respect the sincerity of their good intentions, I think it’s a really dumb idea that will hurt local businesses, without significantly curtailing underage drinking. […]

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Where's the line?

Iowa City is in the midst of a cultural identity crisis. With the passing of a 21-only ordinance by the city council on April 6, it seems the like the lights of enforcement have turned on way too bright after last call. I encourage everyone to read the transcript of this meeting–it is a brilliant prism of conflict concerning the culture of drinking. However, don’t mistake this ordinance for anything other than a serious shift for Iowa City culturally and economically. […]

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