Letter to the editor: Trump’s homage to tradition

Donald Trump shaking hands with Bill Clinton at Trump Tower in 2000. — Ralph Alswang/public domain

By Scott Hartley, Fairfield

Trump detractors who decry their target buffoon as a rampant violator of tradition are deficient in political history. The orange POTUS has actually fallen tamely in line with Democrats of the Clinton era.

When the former president sometimes known as “Slick Willy” gained the White House, Dems held both chambers of Congress and for two years neglected the issue they would later depend on: minimum wage. Oh yes, and immediately after losing control of Congress they discovered the plight of our poorest workers, whose wages stood at one the lowest real-dollar levels in decades. (Who knew?) At this point, stymied by the corrosive influence of Newt, Dems were helpless to do anything about minimum wage, except to feature it prominently in fundraising mailers to suckers like me.

The orange POTUS, for his part, has for two years neglected that wall, which, like the Yellow Brick Road, led him, buoyed by brainless, heartless zealots, to the mythical capital of Oz, or whatever is left of it. Now in the teeth of determined and newly empowered opposition, apparently the hour has come ’round at last to rock the rough sleeping beast of anarchic xenophobia into renewed fury and send it slouching toward the deserts of Arizona, and of fundraising craft, to be born… again.

At least minimum wage was a cause of some humane and pragmatic value, suggesting hypocrisy is a link higher on the great chain of being than overt viciousness.

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