Letter: The closure of Kirkwood Iowa City is a setback for our democracy

Scroll down for the English translation A inicios del mes de enero de este año las autoridades de Kirkwood Community College anunciaron el traslado del campus Iowa City a Coralville. Y también comunicaron la venta del campus al precio de […]

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Letter to the editor: The stage is being set for a worker-centered arts scene

By Jennifer Sherer President, Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO For music fans and literature lovers flocking to Iowa City’s Englert Theatre during this year’s Mission Creek Festival, there’s a new reason to celebrate the historic, beloved Englert’s role in […]

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Letter to the editor: New traffic cameras around Iowa City spark concern

By Kyle Nilson, Iowa City Over the past few weeks, citizens of Iowa City have noticed new cameras watching our roads. These cameras, made by Flock Safety, are advertised to capture license plates and other details that Flock saves to […]

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