Letter to the editor: Stop whining

Earth viewed from orbit. — NASA/public domain

By Charlene Lange, Iowa City

I am so tired of whiners.

Johnny’s mom doesn’t make him clean the bathroom, why should I? Suzie’s mom doesn’t make her take out the trash, why should I? China and India don’t clean up all their air, water and food problems, why should the U.S.A.? South Carolina doesn’t clean up all their contaminated rivers, why should Iowa? New York City doesn’t fix all their problems, why should Iowa City?

I get it. Change is hard. Over-consumption and greed are depleting and destroying our resources. Our water, land, oil and gas are not unlimited. We have only so much on this planet. We will have to change one way or the other. We are all connected on this planet.

Stop whining; start doing. Look around and clean up the mess you are causing in your home, your school, your university, your business, your city and your state and be a part of the change. Become a better homemaker, student, farmer, politician, consumer, accountant, investor and person to make a better future. Use the skills you have to help save our land, waters and people. I will continue to learn, educate, support and change. I will stop whining and start changing.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 270.

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