Letter to the editor regarding a recent Futile Wrath cartoon

The Jan. 14, 2019 edition of Sam Locke Ward’s Futile Wrath comic series, published in Little Village issue 256. It was the second appearance of the “Shitty Jesus” character in Futile Wrath.

By Dorian Byrd

Dear Mr. Ward,

I have a gripe about your recent cartoon in Futile Wrath. I am appalled that you would stoop to likening JESUS with such qualities that reveal Trump’s endless reservoir of thoughtless speech, lack of regard for the suffering of others and of course his dislike of anyone who has a different opinion than his own. I believe JESUS would have us think for ourselves and show love and care for others even when we disagree.

There may be a number of Christians who claim Mr. Trump as their earthly savior but I certainly don’t, and I call myself a Christian. You are misguiding the public in your cartoon, Mr. Ward. The character you present is totally opposite to the loving JESUS I have gotten to know.

Perhaps you need to check out the real JESUS for yourself. You don’t seem to have a true understanding or appreciation for what the real JESUS stands for, [for example,] treating others as you would like to be treated, in other words, FAIRNESS! That is SO opposite Mr. Trump! When JESUS does descend from heaven, it won’t be to build a wall or tell us a bunch of “shitty” lies like Mr. Trump, either. He’ll be coming to claim those who have claimed Him as their Creator, and Example.

Mr. Ward, I’m sure you don’t want to be guilty of promoting “Fake News” like Mr. Trump. Could you not get your point across without playing into the hands of conservative, so-called “Christians” who expect to hear just your type of rhetoric? Don’t forget, all Christians do NOT wear MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats! I love this country, too, but I am not oblivious to OUR history and the struggle for freedom and civil rights that still exist in our society today!

Dorian Byrd

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