Graduate student union releases statement condemning Harreld appointment


Following this afternoon’s announcement of J. Bruce Harreld as the next president of the University of Iowa, the UI graduate student union (COGS) has released the following statement:

The Board of Regents’ unanimous election of Bruce Harreld as President of the University of Iowa shows how far the Branstad-appointed Board is willing to go to destroy public education at the University of Iowa. Harreld is completely unqualified for the position and his behavior during the public forum was deeply disturbing—from saying that he learned about the University of Iowa by reading Wikipedia to falsifying his credentials on his curriculum vitae. The hiring process was hijacked by the Board of Regents, resulting in a breakdown of the shared governance system with the University of Iowa faculty.

This action by the Board of Regents is a clear continuation of their attempts to defund and defame the University of Iowa, while siphoning more money from the students they purport to serve. The Board’s hiring of Harreld underscores their view of the university as a business rather than an educational institution. As graduate student employees who teach the majority of classes at the University and conduct much of the research, we are opposed to a President who cannot effectively advocate for raising the quality of education at the University of Iowa, and who is neither qualified, nor equipped to fill the position for which the Board of Regents has appointed him.

We support the faculty in their efforts to advocate for the appointment of a qualified, experienced president at the University of Iowa.

Ruth Bryant
COGS Press and Publicity Chair

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