Fight! Fight! Fight!

I’ve had a fascination with best fight scene and best chase scene after the Great Huggies Chase from Raising Arizona and the fencing between equals of The Princess Bride (my bias possibly being influenced by the Under-29 Female Effect).

But what about the worst? Ridicule is an equally fun form of entertainment, after all. And although I certainly appreciate creative and dated costumes (and am thus a big fan of the Tom Baker Doctor Whos), there’s something about the stones and non-stressed biceps in this clip that just makes me chuckle a little. And the fact that it’s William Shatner makes me chuckle a lot. If you feel I’m totally off on my best and worst finds, feel free to submit your own pics.

And speaking of stones, because I know we all want more reasons to kill more time, here’s an article I’m glad to read from a distance. I’m not sure I have the “stomach” for that one (yuk yuk yuk).

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