Falbo Bros. Pizzeria temporarily closes in Iowa City

Falbo Bros. Pizzeria at 457 S Gilbert St in Iowa City on April 5, 2018 — photo by Emma McClatchey

A sign posted on the door of Iowa City’s Falbo Bros. Pizzeria Thursday notifies patrons of the restaurant’s temporary closing, effective immediately.

“Falbos is temporarily closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we will re-open soon,” reads a handwritten sheet of paper posted on the door. Another page states, “This establishment’s owner, Barry, along with the entire Falbo’s corporation has failed to pay employees, and refuses to answer calls about this illegal failure.”

It’s not clear if the two signs were written by the same person.

A call placed to the Iowa City Falbo Bros. Thursday morning by Little Village was unanswered due to a temporary disconnection of service. Another call to the Coralville location went through but was not answered, with no option to leave a message. Little Village reached out to local owners, but they were unavailable for comment at this time. We will post updates as they become available.

A sign posted on the door of Falbo Bros. Pizzeria, April 5, 2018. — photo by Emma McClatchey

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