Event Preview: Altered Books at ICPL, Tuesday 4/27

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Karen Hanmer - All Shook Up

Calling all you Iowa City crafters, hipsters and makers if you haven’t given book arts a try it may be time you did! The library is offering a 3-hour workshop on altered books, taught by Lucy David, Tuesday, April 27, from 5-8 pm.

The book arts offer a unique art making and viewing experience. Allowing you the freedom to work on multiple pieces in one hand held device, you can tell a story, work within a theme, or address it as purely sculptural.

Books art also crosses the line of no touching. Giving the viewer permission to touch adds a wonderful new dimension to looking at and working on art. Creating a unique and personalized experience that can change the way we make and look at art. There are never ending possibilities and genres within the world of book arts from artist books to fine press and of course, altered books!

We are lucky enough to have a flourishing book arts culture right here in Iowa City. There is always something exciting going on at The University of Iowa’s Center for the Book, such as bringing in visiting book artists, or creating events such as the edible book fair. (Click here to check out up coming events)

The UI Center for the Book is home to several book artists including Sara Langworthy, and Emily Martin, of Naughty Dog Press, who is prolific with moveable and structural books.

One of the best places to go see artist books of all kinds is the University of Iowa Special Collections, in the Main Library.

If you want to peruse online, Vamp & Tramp Books is a great place to start.

Now get out there and book it up!

Call the ICPL Reference Desk at 356-5200 option 5, or visit their website to register.

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