In the multicultural city of Macau, China, a DIY literary scene thrives

In any given city, I am in search of two things: good food and good bookstores. Independent institutions of books and food indicate to me that someone has cared enough about their community to invest in it and contribute to the culture of a place — to surround others in the things that comfort themselves. […]

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Hot Tin Roof: Rolling In The Deep At Old Man’s Creek

Hot Tin Roof

The geriatric van tattooed with faded peace signs sped past golden stacks of Iowa wheat on this sticky September afternoon. Our driver, Ana Mendieta, had the five of us, plus her photography gear and plastic buckets, stuffed in her vehicle for the short drive to Old Man’s Creek near Sharon Center. […]

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Author faces ‘ghosts’ of family separated by World War Two

Among the Living and the Dead: A Tale of Exile and Homecoming on the War Roads of Europe, the recently published book by University of Iowa Assistant Professor Inara Verzemnieks, explores her family’s diverging journeys as war descended on their Latvian home — resulting in trauma and loss that would reverberate through the generations. […]

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Mission Creek Festival announces full 2016 literary line-up

More than 30 events, mostly free, make up the literary track of this year’s Mission Creek Festival, which kicks off on Apr. 5. The emphasis is on “Literature Within & Beyond Text,” a concept highlighted by festival headliners Alison Bechdel, who rose to fame with her graphic memoir Fun Home (recently adapted into an award-winning […]

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Watson and Holmes: Re-imagining the classic sleuth

Writer Kent Bollers and artist Rick Leonardi invite you to look up Sherlock Holmes at a new address. Oh, the detective still resides at 221B Baker Street. But in Watson and Holmes, Baker Street isn’t in London—it’s in Harlem. In the crowded landscape of recent and ongoing Sherlockiana, Watson and Holmes stands out because the […]

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Book Plug: B.J. Novak’s literary debut

Book Plug

In February, B.J. Novak made his literary fiction debut with One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, a collection of 64 darkly comic vignettes. Novak is most well known for his work as a writer, actor and producer of NBC’s The Office. His comedy writing chops shine bright as short fiction. One More Thing shares […]

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