Donation Drive: Hands Jewelers supports the Iowa City Public Library

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Little Village’s Donation Drive pairs local businesses with nonprofits they believe in to raise awareness for these organizations and encourage giving this holiday season.

Presented by Hands Jewelers

Hand Jewelers and the Iowa City Public Library have been philanthropic partners for at least four generations of the Hands and Nusser family. We’ve seen firsthand the many benefits a strong public library can have on a community. We’re proud of the fact that more people have ICPL library cards than there are residents of Johnson County. And the reciprocity between the ICPL and other area libraries is a kind of “share the wealth” program that makes ICPL accessible to everyone locally, and benefits the other libraries as well. ICPL is free to all, so it can enhance the lives of everyone, regardless of any obstacles. Our library is a major reason we all want to live, work, bring up our children and retire here.

Supporter Perk

Of course, all of this goodness takes money, and the library cannot achieve the kind of excellence to which we’ve become accustomed without your generosity. Hands urges you to join our partnership with the ICPL by contributing to our library this season. You can save money at Hands before the end of the year by bringing in proof of your donation to ICPL. Donate today and we’ll give you a hands-some reward as our thanks for your support!

For more information, please call Patty McCarthy at 319-356-5249 or email today.

  • 28
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