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LV Recommends: E’s Gluten Free Bakery

Maybe I’m not the best person to review a gluten-free bakery. My body does not seem to have an adverse reaction to gluten. I have not suffered countless loaves of bread that taste like cardboard boxes. I haven’t choked down gritty, hard-as-rocks cookies in pretend enjoyment. But maybe because I haven’t tasted exactly how terrible […]

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El Banditos is moving in with Billy’s High Hat Diner

Iowa City’s Northside Neighborhood has seen a number of changes recently, from the establishment of a temporary mini pedestrian mall to the debut of a racial justice-focused mural on the side of the new Market House building on North Linn Street. On Wednesday, a Northside business announced another big change. Mexican restaurant El Banditos is […]

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LV Recommends: Rodney’s Jamaican Jerk & BBQ

There is a mystique to food truck dining that’s difficult to describe. If you’re a food truck fan, you know what I mean. It’s an adventure, a quick stop for lunch more satisfying than fast food. Often messy to eat, food truck fare brings us together in the dark after an evening with friends or […]

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The Mill is closing after nearly 60 years in Iowa City

A longtime Iowa City institution is officially closing its doors after 58 years, according to a Facebook post on the business’s page Thursday afternoon. The Mill is known for its pizza and spaghetti, vintage pew seating, vine-draped patio and, of course, its performance space. […]

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Put your money where your mouth is: Black-owned restaurants in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area

The Eastern Iowa area is blessed to be home to a plethora of businesses owned and operated by black chefs and entrepreneurs. We’ve sung their praises in these pages before, but we haven’t covered them all yet—something that we aim to rectify in coming issues. In celebration of our black community, we’ll be focusing on […]

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Wine, dine and donate: Brix contributes more than $13,000 to fellow downtown businesses and arts organizations

When Nick Craig, owner of Brix Cheese Shop and Wine Bar in Iowa City’s Northside Neighborhood, was making plans for his girlfriend’s April 19 birthday, he knew the couple couldn’t celebrate the way they would under normal circumstances. He and Lacy Laughton would usually mark the occasion by going to a performance or eating at […]

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Life without restaurants

“It is a happy condition of affairs that philosophers, poets, merchants and artists can join together at a dinner, and without a blush perform the function of feeding themselves open in public.” –Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living On March 13, I consumed one of my last meals in a restaurant for the foreseeable future. […]

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Joanna’s Premium Tonic Syrups are designed to elevate your mixed drinks

A self-proclaimed lover of entertaining guests, New York native Joanna Mouming thoroughly enjoys hosting dinner parties for family and friends. Following one such night, her friend’s son noted, “She has a way with ingredients.” Over a decade later, this offhand comment

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The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Area’s Annual Dining Guide


The sixth annual Bread & Butter dining guide contains something for everyone: great meals at every price point and for every diet, guidance for visitors looking to get beneath the surface and an exhaustive list of worthwhile breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner destinations to help even the most seasoned locals find something new to try.