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The Takeaway: Marquee Pizzeria’s sweet and spicy pie is my new vice

I have heard it said that pizza is like sex: even when it’s bad, it’s good and when it’s good, it’s amazing. I tend to agree. I’ve had slices from school cafeterias, gas stations, bars, food trucks, mall food courts and upscale pizzerias — and I’d eat every one of them again. Pizza is never […]

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State loosens restrictions around dogs on restaurant patios

Restaurants no longer need a special waiver from the state to allow patrons to bring their dogs into outdoor dining areas. The Iowa Department of Appeals and Inspections (DIA), which oversees issues of sanitation and food safety at restaurants, eliminated the waiver requirement last week. “Food establishments still have to follow the same rules as […]

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Linn Street closed from Market to Bloomington, as outdoor dining on the street returns

Curbside pickup has given way to street-wide dining on a short stretch of North Linn Street, as picnic tables replace parking spots again to allow for outside dining with safe social distancing. […]

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Two friends defied pandemic fears to open Feedwell Kitchen & Bakery in Cedar Rapids, offering ‘Panera but with a choice’

Chef Melanie Abu-Nameh, 44, and baker Holly Ervin, 45, first met at a tennis margarita league event, as best friends do, and quickly bonded over family and food. While Abu-Nameh has worked in the restaurant industry her whole career (from line cook to culinary instructor to executive chef), Ervin regarded baking as a side passion. […]

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Oasis expands its hummus empire into seven states, Costco as ‘Oasis Street Food’

Oasis Falafel began as a conversation. In 2004, when co-founders Ofer Sivan and Naftaly Stramer were hanging out in the Iowa City Ped Mall and craving the Mediterranean food they had grown up eating, they decided to recreate it themselves. Using family recipes, they started small, selling falafel and hummus from a food cart. The […]

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The Takeaway: Sumo Sushi and Ramen, Osaka’s successor, boasts excellent maki and ‘the good kind’ of crab rangoon

The first time I tried sushi I was, ironically, a vegetarian. Even as a non-vegetarian, the idea of eating raw fish was difficult for me to wrap my head around. At the time, sushi was still a rare specialty food that I associated with bigger cities and West Coast states. Sometime in the ’90s, sushi […]

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The Takeaway: Mosley’s is for barbecue lovers, from the ribs to the sides

I was raised by a father whose love of barbecue was such that he’d bring home ribs from a different restaurant almost every Friday as part of a long-running project to determine which ones were the best. I only vaguely remember the criteria: tenderness, something about the quantity and flavor of the sauce — I […]

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For the love of Reuben: Grading local corned-beef beauties

When my beloved and I became a serious couple, his son asked us what our favorite foods were. We both said Reubens. The first Reuben I ever ordered was in 2000. I was out for Bloody Marys and brunch at the Uptown Diner in Minneapolis (RIP) and a friend insisted I have one. I was […]

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The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Area’s Annual Dining Guide


The sixth annual Bread & Butter dining guide contains something for everyone: great meals at every price point and for every diet, guidance for visitors looking to get beneath the surface and an exhaustive list of worthwhile breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner destinations to help even the most seasoned locals find something new to try.