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Best of the CRANDIC 2021: Food & Drink

The results are in! Browse the winners of Little Village’s 2019 Best of the CRANDIC competition in the Food & Drink category, representing voters’ favorite restaurants, bars, growers and innovators in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City area. Best African Cuisine or Market Tee’s Liberian Dish 1271 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, 609-516-4427, Best Appetizers/Small Plates […]

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The Takeaway: Deluxe welcomed me to the neighborhood with luxurious sweet and savory snacks

It’s a truth (nearly) universally acknowledged that buying a house you love is the cornerstone of the American dream. Often left out of that narrative is the fact that packing and moving all your belongings can be a nightmare. Rather than move all in one cortisol-drenched go, my boyfriend and I decided to spread our […]

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Refugee-led nonprofit Tapestry Farms fights Quad Cities food deserts with gardens

Half of Iowa’s grocery stores closed in the last quarter of the 20th century, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health. Today, roughly 40 percent of Iowans live a half mile or more from the nearest source of fresh fruits and vegetables—a minor inconvenience for folks with ready access to transportation, but devastating to […]

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Cocktails for the whole family! Inside Unimpaired, downtown Iowa City’s new dry bar

Wednesday night, my daughter and I headed out to a soft opening of Unimpaired, the newest and perhaps most unique bar in town. You read that right: my 11-year-old gladly came along with me for a “fancy ladies night” to Iowa City’s only dry bar. I’ve been stalking the Unimpaired – Iowa City Facebook page […]

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The other, other, other white meat: Why you should consider adding rabbit to your diet

My pandemic project ended up being more unconventional than most. (I tried sourdough at the beginning, but forgot the starter in the fridge until last week.) As an anti-factory-farming activist, I found myself drawn to alternative food sources. I began raising and processing rabbits for meat and fur. Rabbits are a rare meat here in […]

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A lean guide to local meat

You don’t have to give up your favorite fleshy entrees in order to eat ethically — but it won’t be as easy as swinging by Walmart for a $6 pound of ground beef, either. Cutting out the middlemen in the food supply chain takes some legwork on the part of farmers and consumers, but has […]

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The Takeaway: Valérie’s French Cooking is très délicieux

I have been a Francophile for so long that I don’t quite remember when it started. At some point in my tweens, I grew fascinated with French culture. I took French through all four years of high school, listened to French pop music, watched French films and tried gamely to read French Vogue. I associated […]

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Anvil Meat Market & Deli in Czech Village is closing

Anvil Meat Market & Deli in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village will close its doors for the last time on Thursday, owner Steven Prochaska announced in a post on Facebook. “It is with regret that we are announcing Anvil’s closure as of Sept 30th,” Prochaska wrote. “There’s reasons, and I won’t bore you with all the […]

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The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Area’s Annual Dining Guide


The sixth annual Bread & Butter dining guide contains something for everyone: great meals at every price point and for every diet, guidance for visitors looking to get beneath the surface and an exhaustive list of worthwhile breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner destinations to help even the most seasoned locals find something new to try.