Letter to the Editor: Local businesses support Conroy, Dobyns, McDonough and Payne in Nov. 3 City Council election

By Catherine Champion Downtown Iowa City is a thriving success story worth celebrating. As proud local business owners and operators, we have contributed to the growth the downtown has seen over the past five years through a modern-day partnership between business owners, landlords, city government and the University of Iowa. We are self-taxed to create […]

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Letter to the Editor: The gang of four strikes back

City Hall

By Mary Gravitt What first interested me in City Council was the Chauncey and an article published in Little Village magazine, Feb.-March 2013: “Your Town Now: The city council’s Chauncey decision is remarkably opaque” By Zach Tilly and Skaaren Cosse. Chauncey is still causing contention within the City chamber. Tilly-Cosse: To decide between the three […]

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Letter to the Editor: A modest proposal for the University of Iowa

Iowa City

By Paul Durrenberger I read the Little Village as I waited for my Chinese food to come and learned that nobody at the University of Iowa likes the new president the Regents have selected for them. He’s a businessman. He can’t even get his CV straight. What kind of example is that for a faculty […]

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Letter to the Editor: High-rise development in Iowa City

By John Thomas For over two years, Iowa City residents have vigorously debated the cost/benefit of high-rise development. Opponents have argued that high-rises only belong in the Downtown or portions of Riverfront Crossings, where impacts on adjacent and nearby properties will be insignificant. The use of tax-increment financing (TIF) is another concern. Why must taxpayers […]

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Letter: International Women’s Day, now more than ever

Old Capitol

By Cora Metrick-Chen, Iowa UNA Associate Director Iowa City is a microcosm for a lot of the issues happening in the U.S. — Azzah Nasraddin Every year, for decades now, the Iowa United Nations Association has held Night of 1,000 Dinners in honor of International Women’s Day. Over these decades, the role that we have […]

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