Letters to the editor: Miller-Meeks shuns common sense for Trump loyalty, ‘law and order’ agenda

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks appears on Fox News’s Fox and Friends on April 1.

Miller-Meeks needs common sense

By Paul Deaton, Solon

Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ recent statement about common sense would make sense if she demonstrated it in her votes.

She recently disparaged Democrats and said she was, “…doing everything in my power to fight for Iowan common sense values.” Instead of common sense, Miller-Meeks adopted right-wing policies of her Washington D.C. colleagues.

The lack of common sense shows in her no votes on the American Rescue Plan Act, Build Back Better Act, Invest in America Act, Infrastructure and Jobs Act, and on raising the minimum wage. The votes represent a total disconnect from Iowans she represents.

If Miller-Meeks is interested in common sense, here are some suggestions:

  • Tax the rich. The middle class still suffers from the tax cuts gifted to the wealthy by Republican administrations.
  • Public funding of Congressional campaigns. Rich people, corporations and their lobbyists should not be able to buy elections.
  • Audit Defense Department Spending. The 117th Congress passed a $768 billion annual defense budget.
  • Eliminate nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons can never be used without dire, global consequences.
  • Stop polluting. Earth has limited capacity to absorb the detritus of civilization.

Miller-Meeks’ votes demonstrate a different meaning of “common sense.” It’s not the commonsense approach we need. I will vote for Christina Bohannan for Congress this November. You should too.

Miller-Meeks is a lesson in self-contradiction

By Ellen Ballas, Iowa City

House Republicans, including Representative Miller-Meeks, often stress law and order. However, Miller-Meeks’ recent vote doesn’t support law and order. She undermined the basic American premise that no one is above the law when she voted against criminal contempt of Congress charges for Trump White House aides, Peter Scavino and Dan Navarro, who refused to comply with a subpoena from the House Select Committee. Both aides broke the law when they attempted to illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Miller-Meeks always talks a good game. She just voted to let criminals walk.

In her latest letter, referring to Speaker Pelosi, Miller-Meeks said: “Every vote I cast for … law-and-order just drives her nuts.”

The problem for Miller-Meeks isn’t Speaker Pelosi. It will be 1st District voters in November because she also failed to support constituents by voting against sending stimulus checks during the pandemic when unemployment was sky high and constituents couldn’t make ends meet. They waited in food lines for hours.

Nearly every vote Miller-Meeks cast during the Biden administration created another uphill struggle for constituents and lacked accountability for the greater good as did her vote against infrastructure. Miller-Meeks puts the Republican Party before our country.

In November, voters can elect a representative who respects constituents and the law by voting for Christina Bohannan this fall.

We can’t count on Miller-Meeks

By Dave Bradley, West Liberty

Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks sent out her latest fundraising letter telling constituents she “ran for Congress because I want to protect the American Dream.”

As a voter, I don’t see Miller-Meeks protecting the American Dream or her constituents.

For instance, she said she voted for fiscal restraint and limited government. Her votes keep constituents living below the poverty line. She voted against the American Rescue Plan, Build Back Better and raising the minimum wage. Americans were food insecure during the pandemic and many still are. She had an opportunity to help us, but she chose not to.

Miller-Meeks said she voted for more individual freedom. How is she giving us “more individual freedom” by voting against the For the People Act, legislation created to expand voting rights? She claimed a shortened early voting period and shaving an hour off of Election Day voting is “updated and modernized” election laws. That’s voter suppression.

Miller-Meeks said she supports “law-and-order.” She also supports twice impeached former President Trump whose flaunting of our legal system includes the attempt to illegally overturn the 2020 election.

Christina Bohannan will be a representative that Iowans in the 1st District can rely on to reflect their views in Congress, unlike our current representative who votes her party line.

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