Dear Kiki: Can a well-endowed man pass out from getting an erection?

Dear Kiki, my husband and I were discussing dick size the other night. I asked if he’d ever measured his size. He said, “Probably; who wouldn’t? All I know, though, is at least it’s not so big I pass out.” “What?” I exclaimed. “Yep, some dudes dicks are so big the blood rush makes them pass out.” I am convinced this is an urban myth. Thought you would be more fun to ask than Google!

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Dear Kiki: My girlfriend has one freakish body hair

Dear Kiki, I’ve been dating a really wonderful girl for about three months. Things are going great, and we spend almost all our free time together. There’s just one problem — she has a really long toe hair. It’s just one hair on one toe, but it’s a really long hair. I find myself thinking more and more about the hair and why she doesn’t get rid of it. Should I ask her about the hair, or would that make me sound like jerk? […]

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Dear Kiki: My husband’s sex drive has halted

Dear Kiki, My sex life is dead and I’d like to revive it! I’m middle-aged and married for more than 15 years. My husband’s sex drive has been waning for years, but the past couple of years have brought things to a screeching halt. I mean, we are literally getting it on one to two times a year at this point. He seems totally unconcerned by this and is uninterested in trying the little blue pill. […]

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Dear Kiki: Should I become a prostitute?

If I’ve wanted to be a prostitute for over 15 years (since my early 20s), I should do it, right? I mean, it stands to reason that this isn’t a phase since it’s been so long. I feel like I’ve considered all potentially terrible outcomes and it still seems worth it. I don’t think I’m naïve or over-glamorizing it or anything. I just think I’d be really fucking good at it. Please advise! […]

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Dear Kiki: Grandma won’t stop asking about BDSM

My grandmother (whom I love very much) went to the latest Fifty Shades movie with her gal pals recently, and since then she’s expressed a gradually growing interest in the workings of BDSM and the BDSM community. Because we are gay, and therefore presumably into every kink under the sun, my partner and I are her go-to source on the subject. She’s always bringing it up, and it makes us very uncomfortable. What’s more, my partner and I are actually very vanilla in the bedroom, so we aren’t really much help to her anyway. We’d like her to stop asking about it. How can I crack the whip — Er, put the boot down — Er, find some way to put an end to the matter, without being rude to Nana? […]

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Dear Kiki: What do I do when a lover looks a bit too familiar?

I recently reconnected with a work acquaintance and went with him for a business lunch that by hour two had subtly and unexpectedly morphed into a date. For me this individual is arguably the perfect man in terms of interests, experience and lifestyle — with the enormous caveats that he’s my father’s age and looks like him. In thoughts, feelings, sentiments, beliefs, habits and, thankfully, movement, they are unrelated, opposites even. But in height, build, hair and face, the resemblance, unfortunately, is striking. Age gap aside, which I think I can think myself through, I really and truly don’t have any trace of an Electra complex to explore. I am not into my dad. Do I send this remarkable person on his way, or do I grow the hell up and date an adult for once?

Yours truly,
Sugar Daddy Issues […]

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Dear Kiki: Can true love be found across political lines?

So I’ve been dating this girl for a few months now and everything seems to be going pretty great, except for one thing. She voted for Donald Trump. I am an outspoken feminist and Democrat; I’ve attended rallies in protest of his executive orders — I really don’t think I can identify with that man other than that we are both straight, white males. I know her family is quite conservative, but from the things we do together and talk about, I assumed that she was the black sheep and voted for Hillary like me or just didn’t voted at all. She has expressed she feels a great amount of remorse from her decision, but it still boggled my mind that our views, at least in terms of voting, could be so far from each other. I’ve definitely tried to hear the other team’s side since the election, but how do I continue being with someone that voted for Trump, a man who is so far off base with reality or anything right in the world? […]

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Dear Kiki: How can I deal with my creepy ex and his new boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend was really gross (as in “kinky”-choking-without-any-consent gross), and I have to encounter his current boyfriend every time I walk around campus. Not only that, but I’m in a play with said boyfriend and I’m expecting to see the ex/strangler at the cast party. […]

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Dear Kiki: I can’t get my mind off of the Speaker of the House

Dear Kiki

I have the complete and total hots for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. I desperately want to get him alone in a hotel room even though I hate him with all my being for his terrible legislation. What should I do with this information? I spent a whole day fantasizing about him last week.

Speaker of the Hots […]

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Dear Kiki: I like my nerdy boyfriend, but what if my friends don’t?

I recently started dating a guy who is, by most measures, the perfect match. He’s intelligent, handsome, considerate, has a great job and is great in bed. The only catch is, he is really, really nerdy. Not in the good way. He’s pretty socially awkward, he doesn’t have many friends and I feel a little uncomfortable introducing him to my friends. We’re compatible in every other way, but I’m just not ready to bring this guy around. Am I being shallow? […]

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Dear Kiki: Tread lightly in others’ potential ‘affairs’

Questions about love and sex in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area can be sent to (queries can also be sent anonymously using this form). Questions may be edited for clarity and length, and may appear either in print or online. Dear Kiki, Some good friends of mine just got married after six years together. […]

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