Fossilmania runs wild in Iowa City this weekend

In the midst the hubbub of the seemingly omnipresent Mission Creek events this week, you might miss out on “the largest show in the world that exhibits fossils exclusively.” Fossil Expo XXXVI is fun, free and just on the outskirts of town at Sharpless Auctions (5049 Herbert Hoover Hwy. NE). The event’s hosts, the Mid-America […]

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Art City: Fair Grounds owner has big art dreams

Photos by Rachel Jessen Steve Pernetti is my friend. We met in 2010 when he bought Fair Grounds, the Iowa City vegan/vegetarian bakery and café whose food I loved but manager I couldn’t stand. Since then, Fair Grounds has changed. They serve meat; the dystopian note-scape of passive aggressive Post-Its judgmentally fluttering on everything vanished […]

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Art City: Holy places

Art City

Art, like people, often fragments mysteriously, like light into a prism. And that prism can be a little trickier to observe in a place like Iowa City, with its rich art scene that at times can feel equally rich in its inaccessibility to the general public. Where can definite lines of meaning be drawn, if […]

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Art City: The story behind Jeff McNutt

Hawking Art

If you really think about it, it takes generations of strong people to recognize, cultivate and promote that thing we call art. What have been cave drawings, daring derivatives, assorted doodles, Dadaist deconstructions and everything thereafter have been pushed forward by the powerful passions of true art bosses answering the calls of the mysterious heart’s […]

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