The Tube: Television rut relief

Lately, I’ve been in a television rut. Few shows have been able to grab my attention enough to stop me from scrolling through imgur or reading Gawker posts while watching. I’ve even felt this way while viewing the most recent episodes of Breaking Bad (gasp!), and I’m not really sure where this boredom is coming […]

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What TV teaches us about the college experience


For better or worse, television teaches us a lot about the world. Frequent watchers of the CSI franchise learn that DNA evidence is infallible. Those who watch the local nightly news understand the world around them to be comprised mostly of lurking criminals, and believe their chances of falling victim to violent crime are much […]

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The Next Generation of Academic Workers

University of Iowa Pentacrest

This past weekend, most likely unbeknownst to a majority of Iowa Citians, COGS, the University of Iowa graduate employee union (also known as the Campaign to Organize Graduate Students), hosted the 22nd annual Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions and 9th annual Canadian Coalition of Graduate Employees conference, C/CGEU. Union delegates traveled from distances as nearby […]

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Your guide to the Firecracker 500 Festival

Firecracker 500

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and that not only means grilling out, day drinking and illegally setting off fireworks in your yard, but also the return of the Firecracker 500 Festival. For the third consecutive year, Firecracker 500 will feature some of the coolest garage, psych and soul bands both from the midwest and beyond, including a ton of local favorites like The Ills, Lipstick Homicide, Good Habits and Autodramatics. Spanning four nights, the festival’s first half will take place at The Mill ($10 cover each night), but will move to Blue Moose Tap House for both Friday ($12) and Saturday ($15) evenings. Below are a few highlights that attempt to capture the diversity and awesomeness of this year’s line-up. […]

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The Tube: Have we made a huge mistake?

Arrested Development

Maybe it’s my pre-pubescent sense of humor, but the funniest aspect of the fourth season of Arrested Development is Tobias’ new license plate which reads “ANUSTART.” In his bizarro world, that’s supposed to be plate-speak for “A New Start.” The schtick pops up again in a later episode when Lucille 1 encounters Tobias in rehab, […]

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The Tube: Neverending stories


For the last few years, Community has been one of my favorite shows on television. Cancellation threats and time slot changes made me anxious and inspired tweets with the hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie (along with tons of other fans) to show support for the awesomely quirky show. However, something changed this season: Community’s creative force and showrunner, […]

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The Tube: If it looks like quality?

Every mall in America has a kiosk full of bright colored, often gaudy purses, intended to mimic designer styles but sold for a fraction of the price. While some of them look quality at first glance, upon closer examination, the stitching usually isn’t quite right and the materials just feel cheaper. This knock-off purse example […]

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Your guide to Mission Creek: Sunday


Well, it’s the last day of Mission Creek! I’m both ready to get my life back to normal and sad for the week’s excitement to end. Hopefully this guide has helped you navigate and maximize your fun this week, and luckily, today the schedule is straightforward and free of conflicts.

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Your Guide to Mission Creek: Friday

Tig Notaro

We are halfway through Mission Creek, and while our ears may be in a perpetual state of ringing, our livers may be hurting, and we are tired–it’s now the weekend, so we have no excuses to not take advantage of the almost overwhelming amount of sweet stuff happening the next couple days. […]

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