Your guide to Mission Creek: Tuesday


Each day of Mission Creek I’ll be sharing my itinerary, carefully curated to maximize fun with you all. Tonight starts with a pork dinner at Motley Cow (6:00 p.m.) and a reading at Prairie Lights (7:00 p.m.), featuring Roxane Gay, who is the genre-mixing, Haitian-diaspora-discussing author of Ayiti (2011), and Iowa City’s John D’Agata. I’ll still be in class at this point, but you should go and make me jealous! […]

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The Tube: Social television connects us to content, but not each other

The Tube

A couple weeks ago, a professor said to me, “Since you’re a TV person, you are used to watching stuff alone.” For a few minutes I freaked out about potentially being this sad loner screening television shows on Saturday nights without anyone to talk to. But more important than this statement inspiring ridiculous neurosis, I began to wonder whether this was actually the case about television watching. […]

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The Tube: Free yourself from traditional cable packages

In the second installment of a two-part series on a la carte television, Melissa Zimdars asks whether viewers can already unbundle themselves by moving away from traditional cable packages and toward streaming television online. Rumors of cable or satellite television becoming unbundled, which refers to the ability to purchase a particular channel’s content or a […]

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The Tube: America’s Favorite Scapegoat

I was recently in Austin, Texas, for a television studies conference. Yes, people actually study TV. While I was there, I picked up a copy of the publication Infowars, which is either a collection of conspiracy theories or a collection of truths, depending on your point of view. The cover illustration for this issue depicts a […]

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The Tube: Parenthood and Friendship

After seven years of watching “Gilmore Girls,” the series finale was bittersweet. I went through high school and college during the same time as the main character, Rory. I identified with her nerdy awkwardness and feel- ing like she didn’t quite fit in. It was like not seeing those characters anymore was akin to losing […]

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The Tube: Fall TV Preview

We’re upon one of my favorite times of year: the fall TV season! Increasingly, program releases are staggered throughout the year, with some of my favorites airing in the traditionally rerun-dominated summer (“Breaking Bad,” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” being two). Yet despite these chaotic programming practices, there is still a huge influx […]

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Your Town Now: Red Light Caution

Many of us subject ourselves to forms of surveillance on a daily basis. Every time we post a picture on Facebook or send out a tweet, we are contributing to vast digital archives of data about ourselves, observable to those both within and beyond our social circles. While we do this voluntarily, what a lot […]

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