Chill, dude: Washed Out to play the Blue Moose Tap House

Washed Out

Washed Out is the project of multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene. His music bears every signifier of the oft-maligned “chillwave” genre: clouds of warm reverb, sleepy synths and simple, stoned lyrics. Within and Without, Washed Out’s debut full length album, delves into darker themes of millennial alienation and angst in a crumbling economy, with the balmy, wonked-out production wrapping around Greene’s lyrics like a security blanket. […]

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Icelandic singer-songwriter HEK to visit Public Space One


Have you heard the one about two New Yorkers and an Icelander traveling halfway across the country together? It’s not really a set-up to a good joke, but it is a good set-up for Friday night’s show at Public Space One, which will feature the music of Icelandic musician HEK, New York’s Julianne Mason and Luke Spartacus, as well as Iowa City’s own Crystal City and The Men from … Beyond. […]

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