Cedar Falls’ John June Year want to share the joys of rock and roll with you this Saturday

This Saturday, Iowa City will be in full-blown anti-UNI mode, as the Hawkeyes play the Panthers for the year’s first home football game. Fortunately, the Yacht Club is giving us all a chance to set aside our differences and come together in musical brotherhood, as two of Cedar Falls’ finest bands, John June Year and Peas and Carrot, stop by to rock with Iowa City’s Jeff Roalson (of The Olympics and Teen Daad).

John June Year have been playing since the summer of 2011, and in the three years since, the Cedar Falls five-piece have pared down their sound to a clear, distilled version of rock and roll without any extra bullshit. With a bored baritone voice, Greg Heysinger singing is more of a blank slate for the audience to interact with and their songs are all the better for it. The band is working on their debut album with Brandon Darner, a founding member of The Envy Corps and producer on Imagine Dragon’s Night Visions, following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Peas and Carrot are a three-piece folk punk band that have been playing relentlessly since they came together just over a year ago. Their songs are decidedly more “punk” than “folk,” with yelped-out vocals and ecstatic energy that make for a pulse-pounding show.

Jeff Roalson has got so many musical projects, it’s rare to see him play solo. Indeed, The Olympics and Teen Daad are great bands, but Roalson is first-and-foremost an excellent songwriter, a fact that will be on display this Saturday. The show begins at 10 p.m. and costs just $5.

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