Wednesday at Gabes: The return of Baltimore’s Terrors

Baltimore’s Terrors and DJ Julie Benner will be playing at Gabe’s on Wednesday, December 4. Local electro noise-niks Alex Body, Miller-Heuermann, and Sky Fauna will support the bill. Terrors, also known as Elijah Forrest, has released several limited-edition cassette tapes on labels such as Bathetic Records and Cavelife. In 2011, Weird Forest Records culled selections […]

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Four Iowa bands you’ve never heard before

Bands you've never heard of

Buzzfeed, a popular web destination for those who want to browse the internet but also want to avoid reading, recently posted a list of four Iowa bands you’ve never heard of. And, surprise surprise, they were bands that all of us have heard of. Bands that play frequently to big, enthusiastic crowds — like Annalibera, […]

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