Arranged Marriage: Rastetter appoints Harreld to UI presidency, faculty say, ‘I object!’

When the announcement came on Sept. 3 that the Iowa Board of Regents had unanimously selected J. Bruce Harreld — a corporate executive with no experience in higher education administration—to be the 21st president of the University of Iowa, the vitriol came swiftly. COGS, the UI’s graduate student union, released a statement condemning Harreld’s selection […]

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God help us all: Trump, Rubio, Walker and Paul to tailgate the Iowa-Iowa State game

Joined by fellow GOP candidates Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Rand Paul, presidential hopeful (and national enigma) Donald Trump will visit Ames, Iowa this Saturday to tailgate before the Iowa-Iowa State football game. Just imagine: hordes of drunken, near-rabid football fans descending upon Ames for one of the most bitter in-state rivalries in the country, only […]

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Help send the ICPL to SXSW 2016

The Iowa City Public Library is making a bid to host a panel at the upcoming 2016 South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, and they’re turning toward the Iowa City community for support. The proposed panel, “Gain Fans and Get Paid with Library Distribution,” would discuss how libraries can function as distributors of […]

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City officials move to ban e-cigarettes in public spaces

E-Cigarettes vape vaping

E-cigarette users in Iowa City may soon find themselves lumped in with traditional tobacco smokers under new guidelines proposed by the city council. The Iowa City Council passed its first consideration of an ordinance amendment that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces, but not without some trepidation. The council, which voted […]

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Owner of Wilton Candy Kitchen dies at 95

George Nopoulos, long-time owner of the historic Wilton Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa, died of natural causes Sunday at 95. A fixture in Wilton (located just 30 miles east of Iowa City), Nopoulos served up old fashioned phosphate sodas, elegant ice cream dishes and rare confections for decades, having taken over the ice cream parlor […]

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