Astrology Forecast for March 2012

FOR EVERYONE—Think twice. First, things really are changing as fast as you think they are, maybe faster.  Second, there are some big opportunities out there. Really big. But conditions are almost definitely a lot trickier than you think they are. This is one of those times when you need to be careful what you wish for. Because you might get exactly what you wished for plus an avalanche of unintended and mostly unwanted consequences. There’s always a catch when the planets are being this cooperative.


♓ PISCES ~Inner vs. Outer. A powerful, long-term influence is now affecting Pisceans. It will take you outward into exciting new realms. Many of the opportunities will have a strong technological component and will keep you out among people. However, the same influence will lower your defenses. You will be exposed to more; you will be more sensitive to more things; and you’ll be less able to tune it all out.  So, as things begin to rev up, schedule more alone time and frequent power naps.

♈ ARIES ~ Due diligence. Rarely do so many things begin moving in the right direction at once. You’re getting “go” signals from partners and authority figures. Finances seem ready to take off. You are facing a perfect storm of positive options. And you are definitely getting restless. But resist any temptation to cut corners. The planets are well-positioned to detect flaws in your motives or your methods and they are not in the mood to let it pass. They’ll exact a price for carelessness or callousness.

♉ TAURUS ~ Choose. The economic gears are finally turning.  The path ahead looks promising, even exciting. Important, long-sought goals are coming within reach. But the immediate future is complicated in ways you might not expect. Recall two things: fears based on past difficulties, and important lessons you learned from those challenges—especially the financial ones. If you build on the fears and forget the lessons you learned, the planets will multiply obstacles. If you build with the lessons in mind, especially the financial ones, the planets will clear a path.

♊ GEMINI ~ Support reality. There are legitimate fears out there. There is also justifiable optimism. But right now, most people are either too fearful or too optimistic. Some are imposing their fears or their unwarranted optimism on others.  These days especially, negative emotions, wild optimism and domineering attitudes can bring really unfortunate consequences. The planets will give back what you put in, including things you don’t realize you are putting in. Help people set aside fears and unrealistic hopes in favor of realistic and practical plans.

♋ CANCER ~ Be alert. Expectations are building. But the available facts are heavily mixed with speculation and misinformation. Impatience and enthusiasm are also muddling the message. Be careful about what your usually flawless intuition is telling you, too. Don’t believe anything or anybody, even your intuition, unless it says that progress requires careful planning and diligence. Your most reliable insights will come during playful, restful activities.  Opportunities are definitely emerging. But this isn’t the time to abandon caution or the hard won lessons of recent experience.

♌ LEO ~Update old plans. The situation seems wide open and full of promise. The temptation is to dust off an old dream or ambition and forge ahead. But the path forward is tricky. There are wrong turns, false trails, blind alleys and slippery slopes aplenty. And a lot of those old dreams and ambitions are badly outdated. Get fresh information. The playful, experimental, inclusive approach Leo is famous for will work best. Be sure to follow your best instincts, too; cutting corners will cost you.

♍ VIRGO ~Keep digging. You need more solid analysis and more hard facts before moving ahead. Others could find this frustrating, but a little delay now will save everyone a lot of grief down the road. Pay especially close attention to the preferences of people who, despite their objections, might have stayed out of the planning process before. This includes some major investors and higher ups. This time, they’ll make firm demands. And they’ll have a point. Listen carefully to them and convince others to do so.

♎ LIBRA ~ Fine lines. Continued economic progress depends squarely on maintaining important partnerships. Librans have very refined judgment and a strong, native commitment to partnerships. You are entering a lengthy cycle in which both of these strong natural impulses will get you in trouble. The problem will be to maintain important ties while not sacrificing vital principles. Too much flexibility will exhaust you. Too much firmness will strain important bonds. The planets suggest learning how to listen sympathetically…and when to say “no” gently and compassionately.

♏ SCORPIO ~Filter. Scorpio has a unique role in everything that’s going on now. There’s as much confusion and commotion as valid thinking. You’re under pressure from all sides to lend your support. Your intuition will tell you what people really need to get moving and often it will not be what people expect. You’re also well-positioned to influence events.  And you will know just what to say and which person to say it to. Your input might seem small, but its effects will be big.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Coordinate, facilitate, and wait.  Sagittarians are ready to rock and roll. But not everybody is. Key partners aren’t out of the woods. Family members aren’t necessarily on board. Superiors are still in the plannings stages. Haste or insensitivity to the issues, needs or aspirations—or prerogatives—of others will cause big problems. You also need to fine tune your own long-term goals. You’ll need to release outdated ideas about yourself and others. However, ultimately, your sense of what needs doing is accurate.

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♑ CAPRICORN ~Progress plus obstacles. Conditions are right for a dramatic move forward. But Capricorns don’t have the free hand they once enjoyed. You cannot safely ignore the objections or protests of others. Respectful negotiations now will save a lot of trouble in the future. A cloud is lifting from your day-to-day financial affairs. However, your status among neighbors and colleagues is shifting, partly because of your bid for greater personal freedom. Make sure long-term investments are secure and sufficient to support the changes you are planning.

♒ AQUARIUS ~Outward bound. A powerful, long-term planetary influence has moved on, leaving Aquarians more directly and actively involved in the world and more responsive to worldly stimuli. The world itself is changing at an ever quicker pace. You could soon be drawn into exciting, new outlets for your talents and personal energies.  However, these changes will bring an element of uncertainty into your financial affairs. Keep financial priorities clear in your mind. Adopt simple and realistic ways of achieving financial goals, especially long-term financial goals.