Astrology Forecast for January 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ New Year, indeed. This isn’t the world you lived in last year. Social and economic trends are finding a new groove. Opportunities are opening up. But the unexpected, even the wildly unexpected, will become the norm. So don’t stand too close to the fire.


♈ ARIES ~ Mine field. The pressure to act a certain way is immense. Even if you wanted to cave in, the pressures conflict. Some are flatly contradictory. And none of it adds up to good advice. Power plays and reckless behavior further complicate the situation. Things could get out of hand. How you finally proceed is completely up to you. And you’re responsible for the outcome. Be careful not to let financial or work issues spark hurtful exchanges between yourself and those you love. Thoughtful speakers or writers can provide helpful guidance.

♉ TAURUS ~ Rough Seas. The cross-currents are strong and intense. Wills are clashing, personalities are colliding. But somehow it all seems to be going your way, supporting your needs. Right now, many people are struggling to find a way forward. The planets are empowering you to help them. The healing and reconciliation so many situations call for come very easy to you. You will be especially helpful to women friends who might be in need of healing. The financial situation is ‘fluid’ but it holds promise.

♊ GEMINI ~ More serious than it looks. January is a big booby trap. People are saying provocative things.  Nobody’s talking compromise. Arguments are springing up like dandelions in spring. Nearly anything you say could upset someone. It’s up to Gemini to find the one or two perfect, magical words that transform confrontation into consensus. Romantic or intimate situations can too easily veer off in the wrong direction. My advice? Keep it light. Keep it uplifting. Abstinence is advised, for now. Choose healing over self-indulgence.

♋ CANCER ~ Standby. January is about waiting for someone to reach out and guarding against unhelpful or flat out crazy maneuvers. The ball is everywhere else; you’ll wonder if you will ever get to make a move. It might feel like you’re doing little and accomplishing less. But the moves you can make will be important. When the ball reaches you, it will be because of serious need and extreme effort on the part of many others. Your choices will have far-reaching effects and benefit many.

♌ LEO ~ Multiplying snafus. Confusion and drama combine in chaotic ways. In the end, it could be hard to tell your feelings from everybody else’s, to tell good intentions from bad, or to prove who said (or did) what. This could all affect finances unpredictably, uncontrollably and unfortunately. It’s easier to mess things up more than to fix them. Issues won’t be sorted out quickly. Detachment, firm boundaries and caution are the order of the day. As for romance, it could get complicated.

♍ VIRGO ~ Freaky chain reactions. You’ve enjoyed influence over events; outcomes tend to validate your opinion. That remains true, sort of. But now, small actions, or even a few words, can have big, wildly unpredictable effects. It will be especially hard to make yourself understood properly. Things could spin quickly, freakily out of control. Impulsive financial moves especially could have unforeseen consequences, for yourself and others. You will have to pay especially careful attention to detail to avoid mishap. The margin for error is surprisingly small.

♎ LIBRA ~ Balance and boundaries. Folks at home are feeling needy. Job commitments seem to expand indefinitely. Interpersonal boundaries are blurring, even disappearing, especially on the job. Inappropriate infatuations and over-dependencies are risk factors at work, now, too. That makes it really hard to maintain a proper work/life balance. Keep your job commitments simple, straightforward and reasonable going forward. Money remains tight and personal energy is still low. However, financial assets and other valuable resources, including social capital, are quietly accumulating. This is gradually insulating you from life’s many uncertainties.

♏ SCORPIO ~ Delay changes. The urge to make big changes in keeping with long held dreams is strong. But big new initiatives aren’t supported. Circumstances are more complicated than they look and will get more so. Also, you are entering a wealth-consolidation phase. Near term, gains will be more in the way of social capital than hard cash. It would be much safer to consolidate your present position. Cement important alliances. Friendship, romance and relations with the young are favored, but expect the unexpected even there.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Simplicity squared. A confusing influence is settling over your home life for a lengthy stay. You’ll be misunderstood more often than not. You’ll also become increasingly dependent on partnerships with others for support and advancement. Keep things simple and straightforward. Decide what your priorities are and who is most important to you and hold on to that. This advice will be especially helpful in dealing with a complicated, potentially upsetting situation on the home front in January. Finances are under generally favorable influences now.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Extreme diplomacy. It’s true that Capricorns are especially influential right now. Despite that, being understood and getting the right results has probably never been more challenging. Cross-currents, cross-purposes and miscommunication are the norm. Despite all the static, important plans can move forward. Real progress is still possible. You will encounter an unusually messy political situation in your locale. Don’t assume you are getting the whole story there. Your financial affairs will soon be free of an influence that increased chances of waste and loss.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Discretion advised. Discontent and rebellious attitudes will surround you. This could feed your anxieties and stir up your own secret gripes. But motives are tangled and feelings are intense. Trouble is possible. An influence that insulated you from others is fading, too; you could easily get drawn in. The planets urge you to stay detached. Support constructive discussions. New technologies provide opportunities for expansion. Still, finances are coming under a confusing, ‘obfuscating’ influence. Set simple, straightforward financial objectives and keep them clearly in mind.

♓ PISCES ~ Synergies. Depending on how Pisces plays these vibes, they could be either at the leading edge or at the edge of a slippery slope. The planets are getting you in on the ground floor of revolutionary economic developments and burgeoning social trends. But, being honest, these vibes are seductive and deceptive, too. The planets say that you should let yourself be guided by knowledgeable, trusted authority figures. Don’t stay home and daydream, immersed in personal concerns. Follow constructive suggestions from those in the know.