Astrology Forecast for January 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ A watershed moment. Many things are moving forward. Many other things are up in the air and will remain there for some time. The powers that be have put a lot of things on hold. And the planets are about to reshuffle the deck, too. No one can offer much in the way of concrete information about future. One thing is certain, though: there will be no going back. The world is about to be permanently reshaped. All that said, January does offer a bit more stability. Also, many people are speculating in exciting and inspiring ways. This often visionary speculation is an important part of the process, now. Study these new visions for our individual and collective futures. Many of them will become realities.

ARIES ~ Keep the peace. You can now make better, long-term arrangements to handle burdensome family responsibilities. You will have to make a special effort to make it all work. Pressure will be high. If you feel like you are walking on eggshells, it’s because you are. Personal diplomacy will count for a lot. Do what you must to help family members keep an even keel while they do what they need to do. Your own personal agenda will have to come second. Events beyond anyone’s control will soon make things simpler.

TAURUS ~ Spread optimism. Everyone is dealing with big changes. Fear of the future is affecting all concerned. People are working hard to make things work, but they are confused about what is coming. You have a clearer and better understanding of where things need to go, of what it will take to make everything work. You are also in harmony with the powers that be. Use this special insight. Explain what is possible. Communicate an upbeat vision of the future. People need and appreciate your guidance much more than you realize.

GEMINI ~ Consult with close friends and allies. Your own vision of the future is clouded, but you are very clear about the potential for trouble. You also understand that everyone’s ability to create the future depends on holding things together. Help friends and associates keep the peace and move things forward. Your closest friends and supporters probably have the best insight into what is happening. Use the insight and inspiration they provide to shape your message. Focus on the benefits of teamwork, not on the potential for conflict. Your luck will soon improve noticeably.

CANCER ~ Improvise. You find yourself in turbulent waters. The emotional landscape is changing constantly with many conflicting currents. There is no recipe to follow. You have to think … or feel … on your feet. But you are probably the only one who can get the emotional thing right, and that is very important right now. Speak up and calm fears. Make sure people use their personal power in the right way. If higher ups are pressured and edgy, don’t take it personally. They are dealing with pretty serious family issues. Long-term finances will improve.

LEO ~ Mixed messages. Discussions with friends might leave you dazed and confused. And you might get drawn into a lot of arguments besides. Those who want change demand your loyalty. Those who don’t want change demand your loyalty. Discussions are necessary. Be optimistic, and practical. Take the messages you are getting from inspirational but unrealistic types and hammer them into action statements. Use optimism and good humor to turn bickering factions into effective teams. Use extra caution and diplomacy at work. Problem co-workers could lure you into conflicts with the boss.

VIRGO ~ Keep it light. Nervous employers are demanding a lot because their higher ups are demanding a lot. And they might be getting ready to mess with your finances. Don’t panic. You have a much better understanding of what is going on than you think. You also have more leverage than you might realize. An upbeat, even humorous approach might be just the ticket. A little friendly gamesmanship is appropriate, too. Your work situation is also under supportive and protective influences. Use the insights you are getting from your more intuitive friends.

LIBRA ~ Stabilization. Your imagination has been liberated. It is now staying ahead of your anxieties, offering positive visions of possibility. These visions are relevant to other people and might help you guide them. Sometimes, visions of possibility are more helpful than explanations of complicated realities. You can also start chipping away at problems in the here and now. Adjustments at home can help ease work-related stresses. Your partner might be weighed down by family concerns and responsibilities of their own. Help them reconcile personal needs and family responsibilities. Look for lucky breaks in romantic and creative areas.

SCORPIO ~ Community. There is a major new emphasis on community life. Find more ways to participate in community activities. Do so in ways that do not impose undue burdens on yourself. Be idealistic, but be practical. People you depend on for services will require extra patience and understanding. They are struggling with worrisome personal responsibilities. Unexpected events will soon firm up your living situation. Lingering issues will be resolved. Needed adjustments will be easier than in the past. Spiritual and intuitive phenomena will play an increased role in your life. Healing influences pervade your home.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Waves of change. There is a major new planetary emphasis on your finances. Financial issues will become a daily preoccupation. Re-think your economic strategy across the board. Decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. Adopt strategies that promise slow, steady and secure gains. You might need to be more understanding with people you meet in casual or romantic situations. They are struggling with serious personal responsibilities. Young people in your life also need more support. Unexpected events will soon reshape family and community relationships for the better.

CAPRICORN ~ Share the power, carefully. Events move rapidly now. Some sudden changes are due at month’s end. And Capricorn is holding the reins. Keep things calm and orderly and realistic. Nobody is on solid footing yet. Whether at home or at work, pay attention to what key people are saying. They might seem unfocused at times, but what they say can be very important. Be especially careful around important people in your own life. Your energy levels are up and you could seem unduly demanding. You are due for a professional or financial boost.

AQUARIUS ~ Independence, restraints, and some big surprises. You have an unusual level of control over events now. People are especially interested in what you are thinking. They are mostly
terested in your realistic ideas, though, and will tell you so. People and events demand practicality right now. You are due for a dramatic change in lifestyle. People will begin to see you very differently. At the same time, you are beginning a new cycle of growth, expansion and prosperity. Activities that are beginning now will eventually transform your personal and professional future.

PISCES ~ Expect the unexpected. You will feel increasing pressure to conform and produce something useful. But at the same time, you will find yourself moving in greater harmony with the events of the times. A sudden and dramatic change in the way you experience life is in the works. Many of the overwhelming pressures of recent months are past and doors are finally beginning to open. Despite the hard edge to world events, heartfelt, loving conversations will figure prominently in your life. People you depend on for income are having problems of their own. Optimism is taking over your inner life.

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