Why you should subscribe to the Press Citizen Local News RSS Feed

Articles like this one: Area man arrested for dancing on Black Angel statue

I’m not usually a big fan of the Iowa City Press Citizen. I could talk about why, but I think you should peruse their print edition or web site and decide for yourself. It’s best if one local media outlet doesn’t talk shit about another local media outlet, especially when to do so is to engage in absurdly asymmetric warfare.

Rather, let’s talk about something positive: Instead of printing a dump of the raw police blotter, someone with a sense of humor at the PC is in charge articles about local arrests. The arrests this illustrious person chooses to write up are always the more ridiculous and/or lurid arrests.

I could quibble with the headline, since he was arrested for struggling with officers, and not for any acts — natural or otherwise — he performed on the Black Angel. But without the PC Local News feed I’d never have known that there was someone in the Oakland Cemetary ripped to the tits on weed and who knows what else, cavorting in the vicinity of a legendary local landmark.

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If you’re not familiar with RSS Feeds, RSS is short for ‘Real Simple Syndication’ It’s a way websites can make their content available for users to combine it with other content sources. In essence, it is that ‘personalized newspaper’ we were promised with our jetpacks.

Maybe the simplest is the Google Reader, if you already have a Google account. If you go to your Google Reader page, click the button in the upper left hand corner that says ‘add a subscription’ and enter this text: — now you’re subscribed. Similarly, you can subscribe to the Little Village blog by pasting in this URL: