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Christina Bohannan announces run for an Iowa City seat in the Iowa House of Representatives

Christina Bohannan — Abbie Shucard

Published Monday, Oct. 21

University of Iowa College of Law professor Christina Bohannan announced on Monday that she is running for the Iowa House of Representatives. Bohannan, a Democrat, is a candidate in the Iowa City-based District 85, which is currently represented by Vicki Lensing, a fellow Democrat.

“I am running for the Iowa House of Representatives, because over the past few years, we have been losing the values that make Iowa Iowa,” Bohannan said in a campaign video. Continue reading…

Letter to the editor: Coralville has work to do to keep cyclists safe on 1st Avenue

The intersection between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue in Coralville. Monday, Oct 21, 2019. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Monday, Oct. 21

By Jacob Simmering, Coralville

On Thursday, Oct. 17, I was nearly killed while cycling to work.

I was on 1st Avenue in Coralville, unavoidable for many routes through Coralville, when a minivan came within a foot of hitting and likely killing me.

This is not a hypothetical concern: hours later, the life of Joe Mann was ended outside of Muscatine when a motorist struck him from behind. Continue reading…

Ely Public Library receives this year’s Iowa Literacy Award for its summer reading initiative

Ely Public Library is located at 1595 Dows St. — Izabela Zaluska/Little Village

Published Tuesday, Oct. 22

Ely Public Library Director Sarah Sellon wanted summer reading to be about more than just kids receiving prizes for reading books. She hoped to do something more meaningful that would have a bigger impact in the Linn County city of just over 2,200.

So, part of the library’s summer reading program for the past five years has been Reading Support, an eight-week initiative where children get paired with volunteers from the community and have a chance to work one-on-one to improve their reading and participate in additional literacy activities. Continue reading…

Theatre Cedar Rapids sinks its teeth into ‘Dracula’

(L-R) Mic Evans as Renfield; Matthew James as the titular count in Theatre Cedar Rapids’ production of ‘Dracula.’ — Studio Reserved/TCR

Published Tuesday, Oct. 22

Vampires. I’m a rabid fan. From Bram Stoker to Joss Whedon, I cannot get enough of the mythos of the beings that control your mind and drink your blood. The Count at the center of Theatre Cedar Rapids’ current production is one of the most dramatized figures in modern culture. Though the recent resurgence of zombie hordes both on- and off-screen may be giving vampires (in general) a run for their money, no one character has been immortalized as often as Dracula. And if TCR’s ticket sales are any indication, this lone monster and his violent delights still have a powerful hold on our collective imaginations. Continue reading…

Jo Ann Zimmerman, the first woman elected lieutenant governor and a long-time champion of progressive values in Iowa, has died

Jo Ann McIntosh Zimmerman

Published Wednesday, Oct. 23

Jo Ann McIntosh Zimmerman, the first woman elected lieutenant governor of Iowa, died on Tuesday evening, the Des Moines Register reported. She was 82.

A Democrat, Zimmerman was voted in as lieutenant governor in 1986, the same year Republican Terry Branstad was elected to his second term as governor. Although the office held little power, Zimmerman used her single term as lieutenant governor to advocate for progressive causes and for small farmers affected by the farm credit crisis of the 1980s, something she had personal experience with. Continue reading…

Letter to the editor: Iowa City Council should reject Capstone Collegiate building proposal

Published Wednesday, Oct. 23

By Azzah Nasraddin, Iowa City

I am writing in reference to the Iowa City Council’s consideration of rezoning Gilbert and Prentiss Street for the proposed eight-story building by Alabama-based group Capstone Collegiate Communities.

Iowa City is in dire need of more affordable housing complexes. Luxury and fully furnished student housing complexes should be the last item on the priority list for rezoning and development. As Iowa City Councilwoman Mazahir Salih said, “I really care about the affordable housing part … But what I’m seeing, nothing there will be affordable.” Continue reading…

Tim Ryan drops out of the 2020 presidential race, leaving 18 Democratic candidates

Rep. Tim Ryan speaking to voters during an Iowa City campaign stop at Big Grove Brewery & Taproom, May 31, 2019. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Thursday, Oct. 24

Rep. Tim Ryan announced on Thursday he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, reducing the number of Democrats still running for their party’s nomination to 18.

The Ohio Democrat explained in a video posted on Twitter, “I got into this race in April to really give voice to the forgotten people of our country.” Continue reading…

Library users in Johnson and Linn counties will see increased wait times for new ebooks as a major publisher restricts access

Ebook reader, Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Friday, Oct. 25

Starting on Nov. 1, wait times to borrow some new ebooks from public libraries will get longer — in some cases, significantly longer — as publishing giant Macmillan imposes new limits on the number of copies of its ebooks libraries can loan.

Public libraries will only be able to purchase one copy of a book during the first eight weeks after its publication, under the new licensing agreements with Macmillan that start at the beginning of November. Continue reading…

Sidekick Coffee & Books encourages guests to unplug and connect

Sidekick Coffee & Books, 1310 1/2 Melrose Ave, Iowa City. — Jason Smith/Little Village

Published Friday, Oct. 25

Jazz plays over the speakers as an employee prepares an iced chai latte. He wears a gray tee shirt with a design in white of a boy with a book sitting with his dad, who holds a steaming cup of coffee. Under this image are the words “Sidekick Coffee & Books.”

The University Heights business feels modern, yet cozy. Dark wood with marble countertops, faux white chandeliers and sleek black lamp shades that hang from the ceiling and produce a soft orange glow all indicate the establishment, which opened Sept. 14, 2019, is new. Yet the two long green couches, which beacon customers to lounge and get lost in a story while they sip their latte, feel warm and familiar. Most strikingly, bookshelves that almost reach the ceiling are stocked with children’s and young adult books, creating the calm and literary atmosphere of a library. Continue reading…

‘One percent is strong, 99 percent is a lot stronger’: Sen. Bernie Sanders brings his presidential campaign to the Ped Mall

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking at a rally on the Ped Mall, Saturday, Oct 25, 2019. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Published Saturday, Oct. 26

During his Friday night campaign rally in Iowa City, Sen. Bernie Sanders sounded almost exactly the same as he did during the first Iowa speech of his 2020 campaign at the Iowa Memorial Union in March.

“What our campaign is about, and what the future of this country is about, is bringing our people together — black and white and Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight, people born in this country, immigrants who came to this country,” the Vermont senator boomed in his Brooklyn-accented voice. Continue reading…

Q&As with school board candidates

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5

Iowa City school board election: Q&A with Shawn Eyestone

Shawn Eyestone — courtesy of the candidate

Shawn Eyestone was elected to the school board in September 2017 to complete the two years left on the term of LaTasha DeLoach, who had resigned two months earlier. Eyestone is an analytical lab manager at Integrated DNA Technologies in Coralville.

“I have two sons who are currently attending Liberty High,” he said. “That makes all three comprehensive high schools for my in-laws as my wife attended West and her mother attended City.” Continue reading…

Cedar Rapids school board election: Q&A with Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller — photo courtesy of Shuttleworth & Ingersoll website

Joseph Miller, an attorney at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, is “heavily invested” in the CRCSD. Five of his six children currently go to school within the district.

Miller and his family have lived in Cedar Rapids for almost five years. Continue reading…

Iowa City school board election: Q&A with Michael Tilley

Michael Tilley — photo courtesy of the candidate

Michael Tilley, a first-time candidate for the Iowa City school board, is a science writer and editor for the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Tilley and his wife Rebekah moved to Iowa City in 2012, and all four of their children are currently enrolled in Iowa City schools, one at Southeast Junior High and the other three at Lucas Elementary. Continue reading…

Cedar Rapids school board election: Q&A with Cindy Garlock

Cindy Garlock — photo courtesy of the candidate

Cindy Garlock was a teacher in the Cedar Rapids schools for 33 years. Garlock taught at Wilson Junior High, Taft Junior High and Kennedy High. Her daughter graduated from Jefferson High, and Garlock’s husband was also a career teacher in Cedar Rapids.

“I have retired from teaching but have continued to be a strong advocate for public education,” Garlock said. Continue reading…

Iowa City school board election: Q&A with Paul Roesler

Paul Roesler — photo courtesy of the candidate

Paul Roesler is a product of the Iowa City Community School District — from Lucas Elementary to South East Junior High to City High — and is currently vice president of the district’s school board. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sports studies from the University of Iowa and has worked at Scheels in Coral Ridge Mall for 21 years, where he is in charge of community outreach, social media and donations.

Roesler’s wife Brandi is a kindergarten teacher at Mark Twain Elementary School. The couple has two daughters, one is a sophomore at City High and the other is in seventh grade at South East.

Roesler was elected to the school board in the 2016 special election following the resignation of board member Tom Yates. Continue reading…

Iowa City school board election: Q&A with Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams — photo courtesy of the candidate

Published Friday, Oct. 25

Lisa Williams, an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, grew up in Iowa City, attending Horace Mann Elementary and South East Junior High. But that’s not her only personal connection to the Iowa City Community School District.

Her husband, Jason Schumann, is a teacher at City High School, where Williams has also volunteered as a coach of the school’s mock trial team for the past six years. The couple have two daughters. The oldest is a first-grader at Penn Elementary and the youngest will be a kindergartner at Penn next year. Continue reading…

Cedar Rapids school board election: Q&A with Jen Neumann

Jen Neumann — photo courtesy of the candidate

Published Friday, Oct. 25

Jen Neumann is the CEO of de Novo Marketing in Cedar Rapids. Neumann and her husband have lived in Cedar Rapids for 25 years, and their two daughters are part of the CRCSD. Continue reading…

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