The Full Kit is closing its downtown Iowa City store

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The Full Kit in Iowa City, March 5, 2019. –Jason Smith/Little Village

After almost two decades in business, The Full Kit is closing its downtown Iowa City location.

“I just felt it was time,” owner Mitch Dettman told Little Village.

Dettman opened a second location of the men’s streetwear store, known for carrying brands that are hard to find locally, in Davenport in 2015. He grew up in Davenport and moved back there after living in Iowa City for 13 years. Dettman’s been commuting between the two locations ever since.

“I just didn’t think I had it in me to keep doing it,” he said of the commute. “For the last few years, I’d just been burning the candle at both ends a little too hard.”

So when it came time to renew his lease on the store at 332 E Washington St, Dettman decided not to.

Dettman opened the Iowa City location in 2001, after working in retail — mostly at shoe and skateboard shops — since 1993.

“It was the perfect distance away from where I grew up,” Dettman said. “Close to friends and family back in the QC, but still different.”

Dettman has started own family — he and his wife have a 2-year-old child — which was a major reason for his decision to close the Iowa City store and concentrate on the Davenport location.

“I’d like to be running around less,” Dettman said. “We’ve really appreciated our time in Iowa City and I figured, wrap up now while the memories are still fond and I’m not possibly regretting renewing the lease for another three years.”

The Full Kit in Iowa City, March 5, 2019. — Jason Smith/Little Village

Dettman hasn’t determined the store’s last day yet, but said it will probably be before the end of March. The Full Kit is holding a closing sale, with discounts of between 40 and 60 percent on merchandise.

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