Talking Movies: The year’s most overlooked foreign films

Top foreign picks of 2013

In a mid-career interview with Swedish television, Ingmar Bergman was asked about how a filmmaker should treat his or her audience. He responds by telling a sort of morality tale about a Chinese wood carver during the Middle Ages who is asked to sculpt a wooden bell stand for a local temple. The carver makes […]

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Talking Movies: Looking beyond the controversy of Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color

Let me begin by giving my opinion on all the controversies surrounding the seven-minute-long lesbian sex scene in Blue Is the Warmest Color. My opinion is that it’s not worth my time to have opinions about silly controversies. The French title of Abdellatif Kechiche’s new movie, which is playing at the newly-opened FilmScene beginning Dec. […]

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Talking Movies: Girls rule in Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie


Even with the internet on your side, bullying a witch in high school probably still ends up with you dying in a fiery crash in your boyfriend’s car. The crash is fierier now, the car and the boyfriend slightly faster and you get to text your dad for help before it happens; otherwise, everything is […]

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Talking Movies: Recent films by Alex van Warmerdam

With the recent conclusion of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the advertising blitz for Oscar night (yes, five months from now) can officially begin. While the top awards and appertaining press were about movies which told us how Europeans felt about American racial oppression–always appreciated,  Steve McQueen–we should not overlook the work of a […]

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Talking Movies: A half-century of the Up Series

The Up Series

Fifty years ago, in 1963, Granada Television, a regional service for Northwest England, commissioned Seven Up!, a brief documentary about the future of England. Who are the workers and executives of that distant, magical year 2000? The idea was to gather together a cross-section of 7-year-olds and interview them about their lives and aspirations. The […]

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Talking Movies: A look at recent films about music

Big Star

Woe to the cinephile who tries to make sense of the U.S. music industry through its representation in film. Never has a more confusing and hopelessly self-referential picture been painted under the guise of recounting cultural history. Not so long ago, popular films about music might include the bands themselves—the romping Beatles films are still […]

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