Your guide to Mission Creek: Thursday


I imagine most people who got their Mission Creek on last night are moving pretty slowly this morning. I know my brain seems to be on a dysfunctional autopilot after a late night of two great shows at Gabe’s and The Yacht Club, but I’ll happily forge ahead with Day three! […]

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Iowa City Weekender: April 4-7

Emily Wells

There’s a lot going on in Iowa City over the next few days. In this edition of the Weekender find details on how to catch local acts in unusual, intimate settings, and read about our top picks for literary and theatrical events as well. […]

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On The Beat: What shows are in store for the winter migration

Iowa City has been pretty quiet over the past few weeks. That tends to be the case when a big chunk of the population migrates to Chicagoland (or wherever), and another chunk goes into hibernation. We all must accept the fact that less people in town means fewer shows. That is not to say that […]

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