Alyssa Limperis, mom impersonator and mental-health podcaster, to perform at Floodwater Comedy Festival

Alyssa Limperis frequently uses the word “joy” when she speaks of performing. That coincides, for her, with focus, presence and aliveness. “[It’s a] runner’s high, a feeling of no doubt, no pain, doing something that feels right, good and not doing anything else. That’s a rare feeling, with phones and everything else: to know I’m […]

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Brock About Town: Comedy etiquette

Welcome to the comedy issue of Little Village! This is my favorite issue we’ve put out because, well, I love comedy (thank God for that, because I’m in a little deep to back out now) and I’m excited to share it with all of you. I’m hoping this issue will inspire you to come out to shows, open mics and other comedy events as audience members […]

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‘Bob’s Burgers’ comedians are coming to Iowa City

The University of Iowa Campus Activities Board (CAB) are hosting a stand-up comedy show with three of the stars behind your favorite ‘Bob’s Burgers’ characters. H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Bob Belcher himself, will take the stage with co-stars Eugene Mirman (son Gene Belcher) and Dan Mintz (daughter Tina Belcher). A Q&A session will follow their stand-up routine. […]

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Comedian Nick Thune performs at The Mill tonight

Although it’s true Comedian Nick Thune performs with a guitar and stars in a Netflix comedy special called Folk Hero, it’s not some Dylan-esque Weird Al who will be taking the stage at the Mill tonight.

Instead, audience members can expect Thune to dole out brilliant one-liners and droll observations in his trademark deadpan delivery, all of it “scored” to contemplative guitar-playing to make his absurd statements seem that much more absurd. […]

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