Iowa City Weekender: July 19-21

Every week I chose one highlight of the weekend, find a good picture and put the little “Weekender” stamp on it. I had a very difficult time deciding this week, as everything that’s going on is kind of a big […]

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Live Recordings of Rhys Chatham/Rene Hell/Solid Attitude @ Gabes 3-27-2012

Adrianne Behning’s photographs of this show are here. A performance of Guitar Trio by Rhys Chatham is always a stunning, overwhelming, transcendent thing to experience. The composition itself is a schematic set of instructions for 3 or more guitarists, a […]

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Show Photos: Tyvek, Solid Attitude, Non Prayer, Slut River @ the Wherehouse – 1/28

I never considered myself a punk fan until I started spending time at the Wherehouse. There has been one great punk show after another, and I’ve come to love the noises that blare from the massive speakers that usually accompany hardcore bands. Last Friday I reluctantly  dragged myself out into the cold and down to the Wherehouse. I am always reluctant when it’s below 50 degrees, but I always manage to do it because these shows are always so damn good. […]

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