Rabble-rousing inside the FCC: Media’s mischief maker started subverting paradigms as a kid right here in Iowa City

Rolling Stone cover

Nicholas Johnson — who is likely the only Iowa City native who ever appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, in 1971 — foreshadowed his career as a troublemaking FCC Commissioner when he was an adolescent boy in the mid-1940s. “My first experience with radio was Allied Radio in Chicago,” Johnson recently told me. “This […]

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Wire: Entire city of Boston de-balled


(via Wonkette) Everyone is up in arms over this Rolling Stone magazine that seems to be the cover art from an album by some exciting young folk musician. Especially up in Boston. What, did he say Aerosmith sucks or something? Let us read about this guy and his awesome brand of…oooooh, we get it. […]

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Atomic Andy Kaufman: The Comedian That Loved to Bomb

  Early in Andy Kaufman’s career, the comedic performance artist sometimes opened for musicians—including, implausibly, schlock-popper Barry Manilow and R&B greats the Temptations. The latter group’s predominantly black fan base wasn’t feeling his inept Foreign Man routine, so they unleashed an avalanche of boos as he wept uncontrollably. Kaufman then pulled out a large cap […]

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Fiddler's Picnic at the Johnson County Fairgrounds 9/19/10

These Eastern Iowa pickers might not grace the cover of Rolling Stone any time soon (then again, they might), but that’s fine with us–established traditions like this one have very little to prove. For the 40th year, Eastern Iowa’s finest old-time, bluegrass, Celtic, country and folk musicians are getting together to take part in a continuous stage show that all ages are sure to enjoy.


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