By ‘poking’ cells, a University of Iowa lab studies the science of healing

If you ever get the chance to watch life under a microscope, seize the opportunity. In many ways, microscale life mimics the movies — there are thrilling chases as immune cells hunt down bacterial invaders, a feeling of tragedy as a sick cell bursts and budding romances between cells that crumble in dramatic divorce. Our […]

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Plan Bee: Volunteer ‘citizen scientists’ needed to help count Iowa’s bees

In the face of bee population declines, local citizen scientists can help identify species in one of Iowa’s tallgrass prairies. The National Park Service is seeking volunteers to join “Plan Bee” on Saturday, August 18th at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch. Participants will assist park staff and scientists in catching, photographing, and releasing bees unharmed. […]

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A diverse team of UI researchers tackle energy, the environment and nanotechnology

A sign in the east wing of the Chemistry Building points visitors to the lab of the University of Iowa’s Mason Group, one of the leading quantum computational chemistry (QCC) research groups in the country. But the room the sign points to looks nothing like a traditional chemistry lab. There are no test tubes, and […]

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